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Many retailers do not take full advantage of the branding possibilities of a shopping bag, but there are those who have, and the bag you see above is a prime example. We've rounded up eighteen more cool and creative shopping bag designs for your viewing enjoyment after the break.

24. Volkswagen GTI

23. Dog Accessories

22. Stop Hunger

21. ASPE Crime Stories

20. Panadol Extra

19. Human Rights

18. Shoelaces

17. Weights

16. Hang

15. Beer

14. Lipton Tea

13. Recyclable

12. Jump Rope

11. Eye Makeup

10. X-Ray

9. SanDisk

8. Recycle

7. Diet Pills

6. Washing Machine

5. Power Drill

4. Knuckle

3. Hanger

2. Appliances

1. Nail Biter

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