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You've seen Kingston's 1TB HyperX Predator, now check out twenty-four USB drive designs that think outside the box, or outer shells in this case. They range from the AK-47 USB drive to some that resemble edible objects. Continue reading to see them all.

24. Ninja Star

23. Light Bulb

22. Hello Kitty

21. LEGO Brick

20. Cork

19. Carabiner

18. Twigs

17. Submarine

16. Lighter

15. Bible

14. Cassette Tape

13. Burger King Meal

12. Beer

11. Gum

10. Pencil

9. Banana

8. Sunglasses

7. Syringe

6. Bullet

5. Akai MPC2000XL

4. Coin

3. Darth Vader

2. Golf Ball

1. Teddy Bear

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