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3M's Streaming Projector is currently being offered at only $169.99 shipped, today only, originally priced at $299.99. The power of Roku gives you almost unlimited viewing options. Just turn it on and project your Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, Hulu PLUS and other favorites on any surface. A big wall in the living room, the side of your garage or the basement ceiling. Anywhere you have WiFi. Project shows and movies for a theater-like experience no one will forget. Product page. Continue reading for a video showing someone using it at NYC's Grand Central Station.

Notable features:
  • Bright, crisp picture up to 120-Inch wide,Maximum Resolution: 800x480.

  • Portable ultra compact.

  • Up to 2.5 hours of battery life (on eco mode) per charge, or runs continuously on AC power.

  • Audio out for external speakers or headphones.
[via Amazon]

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