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Grandmother Funny Portrait

Kimiko Nishimoto, an 89-year-old grandmother didn't even pick up a camera until she was 72-years-old, but 15-years later, she's become an internet sensation and star in Japan. In addition to being a landscape / nature photographer, she loves photographing crazy self-portraits of herself using a wireless camera remote. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and information.

Grandmother Funny Portraits
Grandmother Funny Portraits
Grandmother Funny Portraits

"Nishimoto will be holding a month-long photographic exhibition of her silly photos in Tokyo next month, teaming up with EPSON for the prints. The show will run at the Epson Imaging Gallery in the Shinjuku Ward of Tokyo from December 15th, 2017, through January 18th, 2018," reports Peta Pixel.

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