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Audi R8 chiron

The Audi R8 is considered an everyday supercar, while the Bugatti Chiron is more of a drive when the weather is good hypercar. Combine the two? You would get a paint scheme that probably looks similar to this wrap. This mashup belongs to a plumber named Ken who lives in Glen Cove on the north shore of New York's Long Island, Nassau County. More specifically, the wrap consists of a glossy 3M sky blue vinyl, with a custom black roof by AD Graphics. Continue reading for more pictures.

Audi R8 Chiron
Audi R8 Chiron
Audi R8 Chiron

"The work was carried out by Oneighty NYC with help from ND Vinyls (also based in Brooklyn) and New Jersey's Finelines Wraps & Tint. And even though part of us can't help but feel the R8 is awesome enough in its own right not to have to pretend to be anything else, we have to admit the result looks pretty stunning. Check it out for yourself in the images below," reports Car Scoops.

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