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Belkin WeMo Smart Plug

Belkin's Wemo Mini WiFi Smart Plug lets you control your lights and appliances right from your smartphone or tablet, all for $29.99, today only, originally $34.99. No subscription or hub is required: simply plug Wemo Mini into an electrical outlet, connect a device to the Smart Plug, and wirelessly control your device using a tablet or phone. Using the free Wemo app, you can turn your devices on and off and set worry-free schedules from anywhere in the world. Using Wemo Mini's 'Away Mode', you can create the illusion that you're at home even when you're away. Product page. Continue reading for a video review and more information.

When paired with Amazon Alexa, Wemo Mini gives you hands-free voice control over your devices. Turn your lights, appliances, or an entire room on or off using just your voice. Wemo Mini pairs with Nestís Thermostat to offer a range of automatic control options. The Thermostat detects when youíre home or away and conveys the information to Wemo Mini. Use Nest compatibility to turn a fan off when the house is empty, or have your lights switch on when you come back home. More information.

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