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Baby Weasel Riding

It looks like something straight from a fantasy book, but East London resident Martin Le-May managed to capture a real photo of a baby weasel on the back of a green woodpecker in Esssex, England, on Monday. However, the photo is not all as it seems, the weasel was actually trying to kill a woodpecker. Continue reading for an up-close photo.

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280-Pound Catfish Dino Ferrari

Remember this catfish? Well, a new video of Dino Ferrari holding his prized catch, in which he eventually released alive, has surfaced online. He claims that it took "40 long minutes to reel the fish to shore," before photographs were able to be taken. Believe it or not, this is not a record-breaking catch, as a Wels catfish caught in 2009 weighed in at 298 pounds - also caught from the Po River. Continue reading to watch.

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Quokka Selfie

Selfies are nothing new, but taking them with a Quokka has become the latest internet trend. This small animal is about the size of a domestic cat, is herbivorous and mainly nocturnal. It can be found on some smaller islands off the coast of Western Australia, in particular on Rottnest Island just off Perth and Bald Island near Albany. The quokka has no fear of humans and it is common for it to approach them closely, particularly on Rottnest Island. Continue reading for more.

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Cats Growing Up

Everything grows old, but sometimes, animals, such as cats, don't realize that they're no longer the tiny kitten they once were. These photographers / owners decided to capture those moments. To kick things off, we've decided to bring you a few random cat facts: Cats are the most popular pet in the United States: There are 88 million pet cats and 74 million dogs; There are cats who have survived falls from over 32 stories (320 meters) onto concrete; A group of cats is called a clowder; Cats have over 20 muscles that control their ears. Continue reading for more.

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Massive Catfish

The catfish you see above looks to be straight from Photoshop, but it's entirely real. On February 19, Italian fishermen and twin brothers Dino and Dario Ferrari caught a massive 280-pound wels catfish - also known as a sheatfish - in Italy's Po Delta. Italian media outlets quickly dubbed the creature "the monster of the Po." News outlets report that Ferrari's 8-foot-9-inch-long catfish is likely the largest of its kind to be caught with a rod and reel. Dino says: "It's a silurus glanis [the Latin name for the species]. The American catfish doesn't grow to such large dimensions - at most it can weigh 50kg. They don't range over very large distances, they tend to live in the same stretch of river, moving just a few kilometres either way. They eat all types of fish. To catch them you need a lot of patience but also physical strength. We fought for 40 minutes to reel it in. We tired it out and then lifted it out of the water." Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Owl Bar London

Between March 19-25, people in London will be able to enjoy cocktails mixed by some of the city's finest mixologists, and hang out with a group of owl friends. This bar will only be open in the wee hours between 8:30pm-2am every night, due to the nocturnal sleeping patterns of the animals. Annie is the star owl, but you can also meet the rest of the owl pack, made up of Darwin (caring), Ruby (exotic), Cinders (cheeky), Winston (wise), and Hootie (beauty queen). Continue reading for more pictures.

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Horse Great White

Photo credit: Hybrid Animals / Reddit

There are sub-Reddits for just about everything, including bizarre animal hybrids. First up, we have the mystical "Shorse", which is exactly as it sounds, a great white shark combined with a horse. If this creature did exist in the wild, on both land and sea, things might be a lot scarier, but should it only be confined to the oceans, a "Shorse" wouldn't be all that bad, right? Continue reading for more.

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Cat Human Sitting

Cats don't really have nine lives, but the main reason they received the reputation for reincarnation is their ability to jump and land. They are spotted climbing high trees, run in front of cars and jump from high places. Surely someone with only one, short life wouldn't leap about frantically, like a pogo stick with a death wish? Cats most certainly do. So an old housewives tale, based on the fact that Mr. Nibbles would jump from the top of the wardrobe and land on his feet, has persisted for hundreds of years. Continue reading for more cats who might have been humans in past lives.

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Dog and Owl

Photo credit: Tanja Brandt

Dogs is best known as man's best friend, but Ingo, a handsome shepherd dog has an unlikely friend... Poldi, an adorable owl that loves posing for pictures and cozying up to his canine pal. Germany-based animal photographer and collage artist Tanja Brandt managed to document their unlikely friendship in a series of heartwarming portraits that show the their incredible bond. Whether if they are splashing in a creek, enjoying the evening light together, or just cuddling beneath a blanket, they are definitely best friends for life. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Secret Life Squirrels

Photo credit: Vadim Trunov

Vadim Trunov, a very skilled nature photographer from Russia, specializes in capturing the secret life of squirrels. In addition to photographing them playing, he leaves camera equipment laying around to see what they do, and the reactions are priceless. Some of his most famous shots show them building snowmen or even playing volleyball with nuts. Continue reading for some more amazing pictures.

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