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Baby Squirrel Rescued

Photo credit: Priama / Reddit

Priami, a Reddit user, found a badly injured baby squirrel on the side of a road it. Priami's grandmother thought it was dead at first, but she quickly handed it over to her grandson for safe-keeping after noticing some movement. They tried to release it back into the wild, but since it was still partially blind in one eye, they kept the tiny animal, and named it Arttu. The squirrel lived with them from 2007 to 2013, and these images document the many adventures they ad together. Continue reading for more.

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Panoramic Cat Fail

Just about every smartphone and point-and-shoot camera these days have a panoramic photo function, but what happens when a person or animal walks by when you're moving the device? Well, Reddit user "FallenCoffee" discovered that a normal cat becomes a terrifying centipede-like (or caterpillar) creature. Fortunately, a Photoshop master could probably remove the pet in an hour or two. Continue reading to see the full madness that ensued.

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Ezo Momonga

Hokkaido is Japan's second largest island, and its largest city (and capital) is Sapporo. Most travelers to the island arrive by air: the main airport is New Chitose Airport at Chitose, just south of Sapporo. Tokyo-Chitose is in the top 10 of the world's busiest air routes, handling more than 40 widebody round trips on several airlines each day. Within Hokkaido, there is a fairly well-developed railway network, but many cities can only be accessed by road. Continue reading to see some of the unusual wildlife photographers have spotted on the island.

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Sleeping Animal Friends

Cats and birds are usually worst enemies, but this duo was spotted catching a quick snooze, without either of them putting up a fight. On a related note, have you ever wondered why a cat chatters when they sees a bird? If so, it basically simulates the cat's behavior at the time of attack. Another reason that cats "chatter" when they see a bird is because they are attempting to imitate a bird call to lure in their prey from out of reach places. Continue reading for more unlikely animal buddies catching a quick snooze.

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Pompous Albert Sheep Cat

Photo credit: Pompous.Albert

Yes, "Bitchy Resting Face" is yet another internet meme / term that has recently caught on, and Pompous Albert, a lovable sheep-cat, might have the best one yet. Albert's luscious, curly fur makes him look like a tiny angry sheep - the curls are a trademark of the Selkirk Rex breed. So now you know that if you think a woman (or cat in this case) looks cranky, she may just be suffering from an affliction called "bitchy resting face." So you best get over it. And don't forget, men have a similar problem. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Radioactive Man Japan

You've seen the terrible tragedies of Japan's Fukushima disaster, but the animals left behind in the 12.5-mile radioactive exclusion zone are something you won't see on the news. Former construction worker Naoto Matsumura, 55, decided to move there to care for its four-legged survivors. Matsumura is called the "guardian of Fukushima's animals" because of the work he does to feed the animals. Despite the harmful radiation his body is subject to on a daily basis, he "refuses to worry about it." Continue reading for more pictures and additional information.

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Funny Reading Cat

Cat owners have probably tried to get something done, whether it be reading or work, but their cat(s) just wouldn't let them have none of that. These images capture those moments perfectly. On a somewhat related note, did you know that cats can drink seawater? That's right, these felines have kidneys capable of filtering out the salt and using the leftover water content to hydrate their bodies. Continue reading for more.

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Rescued Fox Dog

Todd, who was rescued as a 4-month-old cub, has been raised as a domestic pet by his owner Emma D'Sylva, alongside her dogs Sky and Oakley. So it only makes sense that 11 months later, Todd would begin acting like one. He does things such as sleep in a kennel, go for daily walks, and even wags its tail when it's meal time. D'Sylva says: "He tries to do what the dogs do but I can't let him off the lead because he's deaf so I can't shout him to come back." Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional informstion.

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Siberian Huskies Dogs Walking on Water

Photo credit: Fox Grom

Russia-based photographer Fox Grom has managed to capture what appears to be Siberian Huskies walking on water, but it's all just a clever illusion. You see, this particular lake is completely frozen over, except for a thin layer of melted ice up top. When the dogs realized this, they began playing around on the thawing lake, making it look like a giant mirror of sorts. Grom resides in the ultra chilly Kirovsk regoin in Murmansk Oblast, which is in the northern part of Russia. Nearly the entire area is north of the Arctic circle, which means that this probably isn't the first time the lake has frozen over. Continue reading for more pictures.

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World's Largest Stingray

A stingray weighing nearly 800-pounds, measuring in at 8-feet wide and 14-feet long, was caught by American TV show host Jeff Corwin on the Mae Klong river in Thailand earlier this week. It was so large that several men on board a small fishing boat had to take it in turns to help on the rod during the 2-hour ordeal. After getting it alongside the boat the ray was pulled into a specially-prepared pen where 7 people lifted it out of the water so it could be properly measured. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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