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Brain Cake

Photo credit: Bored Panda

Halloween is just around the corner, and there's no better way to celebrate the occasion than with a spooky cake. While this may look like a real brain, upon closer inspection, you'll discover that it's just a tasty red velvet cake, smothered with raspberry jam. "My Brain Cake episode was inspired by The Walking Dead premiere this week. Why should humans have all the fun? Zombies deserve a premiere celebration too! I whipped them up a blood red velvet Brain Cake with ropes of brainy fondant and oozing with seedless raspberry jam," said its creator. For those who can't watch the video tutorial above, continue reading for an image version.

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Dream-Like Forest

Photo credit: Janet Sedlar via Bored Panda

Self-taught photographer Janek Sedlar specializes in landscape scenes, but with a surreal twist. Photography became a serious job back in 2011, and in just a few short years, he's mastered the art of dream-like photography. Most of his shots were captured in his home region of Moravia and around the White Carpathians nature reserve. "Inspiration I find in daily life, in NATURE, in my feelings and thoughts. Being in these woods and meadows is a return to childhood, it regains my life energy and I am trying to share these moments with my camera, the process itself is like a meditation for me," said Sedlar. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Lexus Cardboard Origami Car

Lexus says that the skilled man and women (known as Takumi) who work on the production lines hone their dexterity skills by folding origami models using their non-dominant hand. To show their level of talent, Lexus commissioned their best workers to build a functional Origami Car. That's right, this paper car has everything a regular vehicle would, including functioning doors, headlights, and rolling wheels. The electric motor mounted on its steel and aluminum frame enables on to drive it around, albeit not on real roads. Continue reading for a making of video, more pictures and additional information.

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Moon Glass

Korean design studio Tale have created beautiful ceramic Moon Glasses that show the cyclical lunar faces depending on how you poured your desired beverage - it's even more noticeable with a white-colored drink, like traditional rice wine. Each glass has a bulge that forms a gentle slope, which shifts the liquid into the different phases, and they come in each set of two come in small and large sizes. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Predator Berserker Helmet

It's been many years since NLO Moto unveiled the first Predator motorcycle helmet, now they have unveiled an upgraded 4.8-pound model, complete with 17" durable dreadlocks made from foam rubber, a Bluetooth ready headset setup w/action camera compatibility, a new visor that can be opened with one hand (slides into the helmet body), and double casing with an additional shock-absorbing layer. Continue reading for another video and more information.

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Transparent Dome Oasis

Photo credit: Inhabitat

Forget tents and RVs, the Oasis transparent dome offers a 360° view of mother nature, along with the starry night sky, weather permitting. Lithuanian designer Vytautas Puzeras created this fully enclosed dome, which is equipped with thick fabric curtains as well as hidden storage for a comfortable and minimalist stay. It can be pieced together in about half a day and features black curved supports, coated with humidity-resistant veneer, along with flexible transparent canopy. There's also storage space underneath the raised black-painted floors. Continue reading for more cool minimalist products.

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Velux Cabrio Balcony Window

Many older homes just weren't designed with balconies in mind, but Danish window company Velux aims to solve that issue with "Cabrio". It's basically a two-section dormer, each serving a different purpose - the top opens for ventilation, while the bottom is an integrated banister that moves outward, creating a space to stand, like a real balcony. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and additional information.

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Ooho Edible Water Bottle

A team of London-based design students have invented an edible water bottle called Ooho that you can make in your own kitchen. It consists of a gelatinous membrane (brown algae and calcium chloride), or in other words, a biodegradable bottle you can eat or safely throw away. Since it's made of dual layers, manufacturers can place labels in between without affecting the water quality inside. The droplets can vary in size, controlled during the packaging process when the water is frozen. Click here to view the first image in this week's funny school pictures gallery. Continue reading for a viral video showing how pros beat games quickly without cheating.

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Convertible Napping Bed

Studio NL has unveiled the perfect desk for those who love taking naps during their lunch break. When closed, it looks like a normal desk with plenty of space for a computer, but fold out the sides, a cozy bed is revealed, complete with flat panel display should you want to catch up on your favorite Netflix series. Continue reading to see the entire conversion process.

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Ping Pong Door

Most doors put function over form, but the Ping Pong Door by Tobias Franzel serves a dual purpose. It boasts an inner panel that flips down to create a functional ping pong table. Just prop the plastic net up, get your paddles, and you'll be ready to play. However, we do recommend installing this in adjacent rooms that have enough space to move around, rather than a narrow hallway. Continue reading for more cool multi-purpose gadgets.

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