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Broken Translucent Chairs

Your eyes aren't playing tricks, designer Tatiane Freitas actually repairs broken furniture with translucent acrylic resin to create an optical illusion of sorts. She aims to demonstrate a "clear wish to create pieces which will endure the harshness of time, and therefore bring to their new owners the memories evoked in her, many lost in history." Continue reading for more pictures. Click here for a few bonus images of furniture made from real Boeing airplane parts.

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Penny Floor

Tonya Tooners from Portland, Oregon took 13,000 coins, or three $50 bags worth, to create a stunning patterned floor in her house. After organizing them by color, she used ten bottles of Elmer's glue, wood filler, and grout to keep things in place, while an epoxy layer gave it a shiny finish. The project took Tonya a few months to complete, and had to be delayed several times due to mishaps by one of her dogs on the pennies. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Photographer Tracks Down People

Photo credit: Chris Porsz via Bored Panda

Photographer Chris Porsz spent countless hours in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, walking around Peterborough, Cambridgeshire (Great Britain), capturing hundreds of people he encountered. He decided to track some of these people down and capture them in similar poses at the same location. The examples range from punk rockers to lovers, siblings, and even policemen. These images can now be found in a book called "Reunions," with accompanying stories of the people by writer Jo Riley. Continue reading for more. Click here for a few bonus images.

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Toyota Logo Meaning

Photo credit: Demilked via Bored Panda

The production of Toyota automobiles was started in 1933 as a division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works devoted to the production of automobiles under the direction of the founder's son, Kiichiro Toyoda. Its first vehicles were the A1 passenger car and the G1 in 1935. The Toyota Motor Co. was established as an independent company in 1937. Since then, the company's logo has changed many times, but the most recent iteration actually has the letters "Toyota" hidden inside it. Continue reading for more hidden meanings in famous logos. Click here for a few bonus images.

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Small Model Photography

Photo credit: Felix Hernandex via Peta Pixel

Photographer and artist Felix Hernandex transforms small models, as well as toys, into surreal dream scenes, like the Star Wars showdown you see above. "Ever since I was a kid I used to spend hours alone in my room playing with my toys. Now that I'm a 'grownup,' I've realized that I never stopped playing and that the only difference is that now I have a camera on my hands. Photography and digital art just gave me the ability to bring alive those scenes that I've had inside my mind ever since I was a kid," said Hernandez. Continue reading for more pictures.

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LEGO Lamborghini

Italian photographer Domenico Franco has captured larger than life LEGO vehicles parked around the streets of Ancient Rome for his latest series, titled "LEGO outside LEGOLAND". Whether it be a LEGO Lamborghini, or just simple helicopters, tractor trailers, or camper vans, they've been seamlessly integrated into famous landmarks of the capital. Continue reading to see more.

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Nikon DSLR Costume

Photo credit: Bryan Toll

Photographer Bryan Toll went above and beyond for his Halloween costume, and created a functional Nikon DSLR camera you can actually wear. "I spent at least 40 hours making it over many late nights, about $100 in cardboard, tape, rubber cement, plexiglass, and spray paint, and stuffed it with a few thousand dollars in camera equipment," said Toll. It may not be the first, but it's definitely one of the only to use an actual DSLR inside. Continue reading for pictures he took at a party and some of the build process.

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Ariel Chiron

Photo credit: Car Wow

Imagine a 1,500-horsepower go-kart combined with the aesthetics of a Bugatti Chiron, and that's exactly what you get with the Ariel Chiron. The Ariel Atom features a prominently visible chassis (an exoskeleton, no roof or windows, a small optional windscreen) and a drag coefficient of 0.40. Continue reading for more strange car mashups you've probably never seen before.

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Money Burning Table

Amarist Studio partnered with Alejandro Monge to create a money-burning table, literally. In the center or this glass and concrete piece, you'll find a stack of 50€, capturing the moment of combustion of the banknotes, enhanced by a real flame burning from the top of the pyramid. No word yet on pricing or availability. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Industrial Tiny Home

WheelLife's Industrial Tiny Home can be towed legally by just about any normal truck, spanning a seemingly spacious 338-square-feet. Featuring a sloped, sleek roofline rises to 14 feet high just above the living room in the front of the home, offering plenty of space to move around, without hitting your head or sacrificing storage space. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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