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iPhone Xc

Photo credit: Martin Hajek via iDropNews

It's been a while since Apple last refreshed the colorful iPhone 5c, and there's no doubt that they eventually will, but for now, Martin Hajek provides us with a first glimpse at one of the possible designs. Called the iPhone Xc, this handset would be offered in a variety of colors, complete with a TrueDepth Camera up front for FaceID, an A11 / A12 Bionic processor, and an edge-to-edge, bezel-free OLED display. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Ocean Spiral Underwater City

We've all heard and probably seen floating cities, but underwater cities could become a reality far sooner than you think, starting with Ocean Spiral. Created by the Shimizu Corporation, the company claims they could have a prototype up and running by 2030. It would consist of two main sections: the first is a 500-metre-diameter spherical city with a tower that accommodates up to 5,000 people, while the second is a spiral structure that connects this sphere with a base station on the ocean floor, 2.5 miles down. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Edge Wood Glass Vase

Photo credit: Scott Slagerman

The art of glass blowing and wood carving are nothing new, but when you combine the two, these masterpieces by Scott Slagerman are the result. Each and every one of these stunning glass vases are formed by directly blowing it into a pre-cut shape from a slab of live edge wood. The artist uses various woods, like mesquite and walnut, to give each piece a distinct look. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Villa On the Rocks

Villa on the Rocks looks like a home you'd see in a movie, but it's real, and situated on the southern tip of France in Bandol, a small commune in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur. It was designed by architect Rudy Ricciotti, and unlike other rentals, this 5 bedroom, 8 bed, 3 bathroom villa has a stunning 91-foot lap pool aquarium that can be viewed from the inside and outside. Continue reading for another video, more pictures, information, and the rental page.

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With Lebron James' recent $100-million, three-year contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, it's no surprise that he just acquired yet another home in Los Angeles, in addition to his 30,000 square-foot estate in Ohio. This $23-million USD mansion features eight-bedrooms, 11-bathrooms, two kitchens, an indoor-outdoor gym, a large theater, cigar room with air-filtration system, a wine cellar, spa, and even a car gallery. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Maralah Cliff House

The Maralah Cliff House by LAAV Architecs is perfect for a super villain, and it most definitely looks the part. The main structure is made from concrete, matte black steel, and glass, all located on a crevasse overlooking a flowing river valley. The master bedroom offers floor-to-ceiling windows that offer panoramic views of the water. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Barbara Custom Motorcycles

France-based Barbara Custom Motorcycles unveils 35 different motorcycle designs of the future, with many taking known brands, such as Kawasaki, Triumph, BMW, as well as Honda, and transforming them into two-wheeled bikes that could be pulled straight from Ghost in the Shell or other science fiction films. Continue reading to see more.

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Drawing Algorithm

Photo credit: LinesLab

One artist spent 9-months creating an incredible algorithm that is capable of drawing in many different styles and even allows users to create a completely new style within a a few minutes. The system automatically optimizes the drawings based on their size, the materials used, and the perceived similarity. "Here are some results of the drawings I made with my pen plotter Karel. Each drawing is computed in just under one second and Karel between one or three hours to complete the drawings, depending on the drawing complexity, the drawing sped and the size of the drawing," said its creator. Continue reading to see the many different styles.

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Modern Day Protector

Photo credit: Garret Kane via Bored Panda

3D printers can now be purchased for less than $200, so it's no surprise that more artists are incorporating the into their work, like Garret Kane. His latest project is called "Golemecha" (combination of two words: Golem - a protector made from mud and sticks from Judaic folklore - and Mecha - a protector made from advanced robotics in the Japanese culture), which is basically a modern-day protector. It was created using 3D-printed parts, some preserved moss, lots of wire mesh, an array of LED lights and other materials. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Flat Pack House

Photo credit: MADi Home via Bored Panda

Called the M.A.Di., this flat-pack home costs only $33,000 and can be built with a small team of three people in just 6-hours. The base model spans 290-square-feet, while a top-of-the-line home measures in at 904-square-feet $73K. All include a bathroom, kitchenette, one stage staircase and all utility installations. Best of all, a concrete foundation is not required, which means they can be assembled to go completely off-grid, complete with solar panels, grey water systems and more. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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