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A Real Hobbit House

Lord of the Rings fanatic Jim Costigan has always wanted his very own Hobbit House, and couldn't wait any longer, so he took things into his own hands. A New York construction supervisor by day, he spent over 6-years building the energy-efficient living space, complete with a curved shape, green roof, thermal bridge-free construction that provides a tightly insulated shell, as well as triple-pane thermal windows and a heat recovery ventilator. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and additional information.

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F1 2021 Cars

An interesting concept vision of how Formula 1 cars might look in 2021 has leaked across social media ahead of the Singapore Grand Prix. Ross Brawn, F1's managing director of motorsport, leaked the vision for the new look grand prix car in a 'Tech Talk' segment put on by race organizers in Singapore this past Wednesday night. Changes include: 18-inch wheels, minimalistic front wings with more aggressively sculpted endplates that extend much higher, and a joined engine cover / rear wing setup. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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McDonalds Chicago Headquarters

Photo credit: Garrett Rowland

This isn't an Apple Store, just the new McDonalds headquarters in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood that houses 2,000 employees and the company's Hamburger University for training employees. Inside, you'll also find 'work neighborhoods', a McCafe, lots of outdoor terrace spaces, and museum-like displays showcasing Happy Meal toys as well as vintage memorabilia. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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80s Airbnb Rental

Love the 80s and want to relive the experience? If so, then "The McFly", an Airbnb home in Dallas, Texas, just might be your best bet. In addition to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade machine, there's also a Nintendo Entertainment System with plenty of games to keep you entertained. There's no shortage of pop culture memorabilia either, and items include: Marty McFly's hoverboard, a Lamborghini Countach poster, and of course, a classic payphone. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Goal Boss Backyard Roller Coaster

Photo credit: NY Times

There are backyard swimming pools, treehouses, jungle gyms, and then Will Pemble's "Goal Boss," an incredible 2-story roller coaster. This geeky dad started building backyard roller coasters for his kids in September 2013, and has never stopped since. The first project ended up being a 180-foot long, 10-foot high coaster that cost a mere $3,500 to build from start to finish. Continue reading for another video and more information.

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Starbucks Reserve Roastery Milan Italy

Starbucks has just opened its first store in Italy on Friday, and it's officially called the "Reserve Roastery Milan". This stunning building, which was a former post office near the city's Duomo, features a heated, marble-topped coffee bar, complete with a 6.5-meter (22-foot) high bronze cask that customers can watch. It also boasts a cocktail bar and an affogato station that offers made-to-order single-batch ice cream. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Razor House

Tony Stark began as a wealthy American business magnate, playboy, and ingenious scientist, but after suffering a severe chest injury during a kidnapping, he created a powered suit of armor to save his life and escape captivity, thus becoming Iron Man. Ever since that incident, he's been known for his flashy cars, homes and women. This Razor House, complete with an all-glass front, in La Jolla, California would be perfect for the playboy, billionaire, and philanthropist. The home comes equipped with an iPad-controlled automation system, enabling the homeowner to easily command the music/video distribution systems, lighting, and motorized roller window shades. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and information.

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Shelby OTR Concept

There's Ford Mustang police interceptors, but what if Carroll Shelby created an upgraded model based on the same platform? Meet the Shelby OTR Concept. Drawing inspiration from 1980s cars, the boasts a set of sleek headlights, complete with separate turn signals and LED daytime running lights, while the bumper is adorned with air curtains. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Rock Cave Home

Photo credit: Beckham Cave via Bored Panda

This looks like a normal cave at first, but get closer and step inside? You'll realize that "Beckham Creek Cave" is actually a luxurious mansion fit for a Bond villain. Priced at $2.75-million and formerly a $1,200 / night hotel, this stunning living space not only has all the amenities you'd expect in a luxury home, but also has stalagmites, stalactites, a waterfall, as well as a helipad out back. "Nestled into a living cave, this 6,000 sq. ft. lodge features every modern amenity while preserving the natural cave around it," according to its owners. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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CABN Tiny Home

CABN's "Jude" tiny home appears to be a small trailer from afar, but once you get closer and step inside? You'll realize it's a lot cozier than you first thought. Located in South Australia's Adelaide Hills, the living space features plenty of windows to let the natural light bathe in, while all the basic amenities, such as a kettle, fridge, sheets, blankets, towels, soap, heater and board games, are all included. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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