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Etch A Sketch Drawing

Photo credit: Kyle Fleming via Bored Panda

The Etch A Sketch is a mechanical drawing toy invented by André Cassagnes of France, manufactured by the Ohio Art Company, and now owned by Spin Master of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Artist Kyle Fleming specializes in creating Etch-A-Sketch portraits, and has spent the past 10-years mastering his craft. For those who have never used one, the device consists of a thick, flat gray screen in a red plastic frame with two white knobs on the front of the frame in the lower corners. Twisting the knobs moves a stylus that displaces aluminum powder on the back of the screen, leaving a solid line. The knobs create lineographic images. The left control moves the stylus horizontally, and the right one moves it vertically. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Window Sill Drawer

Photo credit: Bored Panda

Let's face it, home security systems can only do so much, as many thieves have figured out how to get in and out before law enforcement arrive. Fortunately, there are many options for homeowners when it comes to securing valuables, and one of them is installing secret compartments in places where thieves are less likely to look, such as a window sill or hairbrush, or even a shaving cream can. Continue reading for more pictures. Click here for a few bonus images.

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Tetra Hotel

Studio X's Tetra Hotel boasts an other worldly design that would also fit right into the Bladerunner 2049 universe. This followup to their modular office pod features multiple floors with floor-to-ceiling windows in the lobby, while each room features multiple levels, with the top offering a large bed set under a skylight and a shower right below. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Mui LED Display

Mui appears to be a slab of wood at first glance, but it's actually an innovative Internet of Things device. At the push of a button, or a single touch on its surface, and a variety of controls, along with notifications, appear in the form of LEDs. The interface can be used to control your entire home, including the thermostat, lights, smartphone messages, and even weather updates. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Formula E Car

Photo credit: Yanko Design

We have seen the future of Formula E, and it includes Frederic Le Sciellour's futurist "E-Lecktron" race car. Featuring a low center of gravity and ultra low stance for extreme down force, "the top face of the Formula E racer is wonderfully reflective, capturing the surrounding environment and making the vehicle seemingly smaller than it already is," according to Yanko Design. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Forest Graffiti

Photo credit: Evgeny Ches via Bored Panda

Graffiti artist Evgeny Ches wanted to create forest installations unlike any other, and it's safe to say that he's successfully done so with these plastic wrap animals. "Hi, my name is Evgeny Ches, I'm a graffiti and contemporary artist from Moscow, Russia. I call the technique that I use Cellograffiti, it's basically painting on the plastic wrap instead of walls or other places," said the artist. Continue reading for more pictures.

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aVOID Tiny House

Think of Leonardo Di Chiara's tiny house, called "aVOID," as a livable Swiss Army Knife. This minimalist tiny house looks like a white box at first, but step inside, and you'll discover plenty of hidden functionality in a cozy setting, thanks to warm colors and wood grain texture. There are no windows on the longer sides, only on the ends, which enables it to fit into tighter urban settings like a row house. Plus, there's also a roof deck, which can be accessed by climbing up a ladder and out a window. Continue reading for another video and more information.

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Star Wars Louis Vuitton

Photo credit: Gabriel DiShaw

Star Wars isn't synonymous with Louis Vuitton, or any luxury brands for that matter, but artist Gabriel Dishaw found a creative way to incorporate the two brands. His passion for working with metal and mechanical objects has been essential in the evolution of his art by providing an avenue for him to express myself in a way that brings new life to materials such as typewriters, adding machines and old computers. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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StoosBahn Railway Funicular

StoosBahn, the world's steepest funicular railway, has opened to the public in the car-free Alpine village of Stoos, Switzerland. The cylindrical carriages were specially constructed to ensure that passengers stay upright when traveling up the incline at a gradient of 110% (47.73° incline) at its steepest point. It took 14 years to build at a cost of $53-million USD, and the journey takes approximately 4 minutes. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and information.

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Wooden Giant Octopus

Photo credit: JMS Wood Sculpture

Jeffrey Michael Samudosky, a woodcarver from Washington, has been handcrafting extremely detailed works from a variety of Pacific Northwest trees since forming JMS Wood Sculpture in 1998. His latest project takes the form of Enteroctopus dofleini, or Giant Pacific Octopus, and was carved from a fallen Redwood tree. The tentacles twist their way across the tree in a natural manner, including the back of the trunk, to create the illusion that the octopus is on top of the tree. Continue reading for more pictures.

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