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Fujifilm Instant Noodles

Fujifilm is known for their cameras, film, and accessories, but their latest "Film Simulation" product has nothing to do with those at all. Simply put, they have revealed instant noodles that come in a Provia 100F film canister-shaped carton and are being released by Fujifilm Korea as part of a promotional giveaway. Continue reading for more pictures, another video and additional information.

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Mushroom Cloud Illusion

Photo credit: Henry Hargreaves

Photographer Henry Hargreaves and stylist Caitlin Levin wanted to show the threat of nuclear war to the global food system, so they created "The Fallout of the Food System" series. What better way to do so than by creating miniature mushroom clouds using actual mushrooms? Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Creator Burger Robot

We have seen the future of burgers, and it includes automated robots. Officially called the "Creator Burger Robot," this 14-foot-tall machine uses 350 sensors and 20 computers to create a gourmet burger in just 6-minutes. Simply place an order with a human concierge, and then the robot goes to work using only the freshest of ingredients, complete with 15 different sauces, and freshly ground hormone-free, pasture-raised brisket and chuck steak. Continue reading for more interesting images from around the web.

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Cats in Food

Photo credit: Ksenia via Bored Panda

Instagram user Ksenia from Russia combined her love of both cats and food into one, using Adobe's ever so popular Photoshop software. Whether it be a croissant, blueberries, sushi, or cookies, you'll find these bizarre mashups and more. "I always wanted to create something funny and this is what I came up with at the end of January and launched my Instagram account," said Ksenia. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Panasonic Flash Xpress Toaster

Panasonic's Flash Xpress Toaster Oven can make a grilled cheese sandwich in 2-minutes, and it's being offered for just $97.99 shipped after clipping the on-page coupon, today only, originally $139.95. With FlashXpress you never preheat. Just push ''on'' for instant, super-efficient heat from two quartz and ceramic elements for food cooked thoroughly inside and out. Cook settings and controls are easy to use and logically located on the oven''s stay-cool control panel. Six pre-set touch modes automatically calculate the perfect temperature and time for heating everything from toast to leftovers to frozen hash browns and pizza. Product page. Continue reading for another hands-on video and more information.

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Starbucks China

Photo credit: Guo Qichang / AP Images via Hypebeast

China is Starbucks' second largest market and they aim to become the first by opening a new store every 15 hours through the year 2022, which would mean a total of at least 6,000 stores in the span of just 4-years or so. To help make this plan a reality, Nestle SA finalized a $7.2-billion deal with Starbucks, which would mean sourcing branded products to local supermarkets, restaurants and catering companies. Continue reading for another video tour of the world's largest Starbucks and more information.

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Fried Chicken Explosion

Photo credit: Post Production Reference Awards via Peta Pixel

Graphic artists at Ogilvy & Mather was commissioned by KFC Hong Kong to create an interesting ad campaign unlike any other the public has seen. So, they got to work and came up with the series that you see above, starting with a space shuttle launch, but with the fiery explosion and smoke being replaced with pieces of fried chicken. Continue reading for two more pictures and information.

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Coca-Cola Frozen

Photo credit: Twitter

Another day, another wacky item from Japan. This time, it's Coca-Cola Frozen, and this product is exactly as it sounds...a version of the drink that turns to slush when placed in the freezer. In addition to the lemon twist, the concoction comes in a squeezable pouch, and the formula reportedly took 8-years to develop from scratch. Continue reading for more pictures and a video showing how to make your own Coca-Cola Frozen in case you don't live in Japan.

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Slice of Sauce Ketchup

These days, there are Kickstarter crowd funding campaigns for just about everything, including "Slice of Sauce". Invented by Emily Williams, co-founder of Bo's Fine Foods, these ketchup slices are described as an individual slice of flavor-packed condiment offering a portable, convenient, clean label experience. They are mess free, and a solution to those who don't want soggy bread when they add the condiment to their meal. continue reading for another video and more information.

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There's raw unfiltered honey, and then honey that you harvest right in the comfort of your own living room, thanks to the innovative BEEcosystem. Yes, a startup has created a pre-built indoor/outdoor beekeeping system that can be attached to your wall, over a fireplace, next to a bookshelf, or wherever it fits your decor. This means you won't have to visit your local farmer's market for fresh honey, as it's "an indoor observation honeybee hive that literally brings your living room to life." Continue reading for another video, more pictures and information.

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