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Digital Artist Photo Manipulation

Photo credit: Mike Winkelmann via Bored Panda

Digital artist Mike Winkelmann has created one surreal image each day for the past 10+ years to help improve his skills, and the ensuing images are amazing to say the least. "I am currently on my 11th round of everydays...This year I'll be doing a render everyday using Cinema 4D and mostly Octane, instead of trying to learn new software, will be focusing on some of the fundamentals like color, composition, value, etc.," said Winkelmann. Continue reading for more pictures and a bonus video.

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The Old Man and The Sea Animated

Aleksandr Petrov's Oscar-winning "The Old Man and the Sea" animated short all started in March 1997, when he and his son, Dmitri Petrov, started hand-painting each of the film's 29,000+ frames. They used the pastel oil paintings on glass technique, which has only mastered by only a handful of animators in the world. Petrov even used his fingertips in addition to various paintbrushes to paint on the various glass sheets positioned on multiple levels, each covered with slow-drying oil paints. Continue reading for another video and more information.

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Pi Bike

Officially launched on Pi Day (March 14th), the "Pi Bike" is fittingly shaped like the pi (π) symbol. The idea was conceived by Malaysian illustrator, artist, and graphic designer Tang Yau Hoong, with the actual bike being brought to life by London-based artist Tadas Maksimovas and Dutch designer Martijn Koomen, the latter who hand-crafted the bike from carbon fiber. Life-sized scale models were first made from cardboard, along with some plywood, and was tweaked before actual molds were cast from resin, sanded down, and assembled. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Manhattan Computer Parts

Photo credit: Zayd Menk

Artist Zayd Menk spent three months recreating Midtown Manhattan with old computer parts. This 0.0635:100 scale model was created using 263 sticks of hot glue, 27 motherboards, 11 CPUs, 10 CRT monitor motherboards, 18 sticks of RAM, 15 batteries, 12 Nokia E-series phones, 7 power supplies, 4 watches, 4 audio cards, 3 hard drives, 2 telephones and a few other electronic components. He wanted to ensure the structures were mathematically correct, so he collected data from Google Maps, Wikipedia and Reddit. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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My Neighbor Totoro Photo

Photo credit: Futurikon Wizardians via Bored Panda

Instagram user "Futurikon Wizardians" specializes in adding fictional characters, such as from "My Neighbor Totoro", into real photos, and the results are creative to say the least. These photos are sourced from Google, Pinterest, Facebook, and even stock images. "At first, I was just doodling very basic line-characters, kinda like stickman-type. But as I evolve, I'm trying to doodle some little complex characters interacting with the objects in the photos," said the artist. Continue reading for more photos.

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Tape Optical Illusion

Photo credit: Darel Carey

Your eyes aren't playing tricks, all of these art installations were created with black electrical tape by Los Angeles-based artist Darel Carey, and not in Photoshop. "People sometimes ask me why I take the time to tape individual lines when I can just create a wallpaper, or paint a projection. There are many reasons to me, just to name a few: I enjoy the organic process of how the lines shape the space in ways I can't always predict [and] it would change the context of what I'm doing (although not with this work, I can conceive of situations where I might use wallpaper in an art installation)," said Carey. Continue reading for more pictures and two more videos.

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Funny Bathroom Tiles

Photo credit: Gyva Grafika via Bored Panda

Lithuania-based design studio Gyva Grafika was hired by Galeria Urbana, a local restaurant, to redecorate their bathroom, but under one condition...they cannot remove any of their tiles. What happened next looks to be something straight from a theme park, as they photographed a childhood Kaunas neighborhood, printed the images on stickers, and affixed them onto some of the tiles, creating an interactive experience of sorts. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Funny Stock Photo

Photo credit: Shutterstock via Bored Panda

Stock photos are nothing new or special, but sometimes, you'll come across gems that make you look twice, like this image of someone typing through a laptop display while a cat sits nearby. On a similar note, did you know that newspapers and magazines were first able to reproduce photographs instead of line art in the mid-1880s with the invention of the half-tone and its use on a printing press? That's right, stock photography started with staff photographers, and eventually, independent free-lance photographers took over. One of the first examples of a stock photo was circa 1920 when American photographer H. Armstrong Roberts ensured the people photographed in "Group in Front of Tri-Motor Airplane" all signed model releases. Continue reading for more bizarre stock photos.

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Iron Man Flight Speed Record

British inventor Richard Browning has set a Guinness World Record for recording the fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine-powered suit by hitting 32.02 mph. The Iron Man-inspired flight suit boasts six kerosene-fuelled micro gas turbines, each with 22 kg of thrust, controlled through body movements alone. "This is real-world aeronautical innovation. We are serious about building a world-changing technology business. We stand at the very beginning of what human propulsion systems will do. It's at the same point as the mobile phone was in the early to mid 80s or the internet of the early 90s," said Browning. Continue reading for more world records you probably never knew about.

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Jim Carrey Painting

Jim Carrey is a comedian, actor, and apparently, a great painter / sculptor as well. "There's not a day that goes by that I'm not covered in paint or something from doing sculptures. It's all about that for me now - being completely involved, heart, mind, and soul. Sometimes it's art, sometimes it's performance, and sometimes it's just talking to someone," said Carrey in a recent interview with W magazine. Continue reading to see more famous celebrities who paint and / or draw as a hobby.

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