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If you were fortunate enough to win in the Microsoft Live GTA IV Official Sweepstakes, this Xbox 360 Elite would have been the prize along with other goodies. Click here for first picture in gallery.

The ebony black Xbox 360 Elite sports a slick GTA IV logo, which at first glance may look like a sticker but is actually embossed on the case underneath a clear shell.
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LittleBigPlanet isn't the only game with a nifty level editor-type mode, Grand Theft Auto 4 for the PC also comes packaged with one, offering gamers the ability to create their own clips. Video after the break.

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In Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned (DLC), "players will control a new lead character, Johnny Klebitz, a biker with Liberty City motorcycle club The Lost." Click here for first picture in gallery.

The episode arrives via Xbox Live Marketplace on Feb. 17, and (obviously) requires the original GTA IV to play. We've been wondering if a Gold account will be required as well, but Rockstar's announcement merely mentions an Xbox Live account as a prerequisite for download.
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For $285 or more on eBay, you could pick up your very own Grand Theft Auto 4's "Key to Liberty City", which was only given to gamers who completed 100% of the achievements within the first 7-days of its release. Auction page. Click here for first picture in gallery.

The fuzzy jewelry box is about 7 inches wide by 4 1/2 inches in depth. On the inside top of this case is the Rockstar logo. The key itself is 5 inches long. The key says "THE KEY TO LIBERTY CITY" above the rockstar logo, with "MCMXCVIII" underneath the same logo.
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Grand Theft Auto Cars

In GT's latest retrospective series, they "borrow the most infamous rides from the past and present GTA cities." Continue reading to see more Grand Theft Auto cars.

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Niko Bellic

If Grand Theft Auto's Niko Bellic were real, this is what he might look like, as rendered by Pixeloo. Click here for the full-sized picture.

Pixeloo's rendition of a "real" Mario was more than a little creepy. Those giant, giant eyes. Ungh. But Pixeloo's latest work - "real" Niko Bellic - is a much more subdued affair.
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Will it Blend GTA 4

Well, most of you know the answer already, but Blendtec master Tom Dickson shows us exactly what happens when you stick the game inside an industrial blender. Video after the break.

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GTA 4 Niko

Michael Hollick, the voice actor for Niko Bellic, recently appeared on the Big O & Dukes radio show (WJFK-FM, Washington). Continue reading to hear the entire interview along with some complaints.

Other highlights: He auditioned originally for motion-capture; the game he was told he was auditioning for was called "Frozen."
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Grand Theft Auto Board Game

If Rockstar made a Grand Theft Auto board game, this is how it would be played, or at least according to Mad TV. Continue reading to watch.

Still, no one else seems to be doing Grand Theft Auto: The Board Game skits, so we're force to settle. For the record, I almost laughed at the Phil Collins mention, but then remembered how much I love "Mama" by Genesis.
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Flickr user Matthew Johnson provides us with a "side by side comparison of a photo tour in New York City and Liberty City -- crazy details!" Click here for first picture in gallery.

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