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Harmon Kardon CL

Harman Kardon's CL Precision On-Ear Headphones offer big sound and classic looks at the small price of $74.95 shipped, today only, originally priced at $199.99. A unique baffle creates air flow that extends low frequencies. The CL headphones also incorporate a bass tube that functions like a tuned bass port. It boosts bass performance and helps the headphones produce exceptional bass response at any volume level. As a result, CL headphones provide better bass response than other headphones in their class. Product page. Continue reading for a more pictures and information.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50

Audio-Technica's ATH-M50X are not only highly-rated, but offer performance that exceeds those of the highest-end Beats, for a fraction of the cost, $129 shipped (today only) to be exact. Contoured earcups seal tight for excellent sound isolation, with minimal bleed. And the pro-grade materials are durable, yet comfortable. M-Series professional monitor headphones deliver accurate audio and outstanding comfort that gets the job done. Hour after hour, year after year. Product page. Continue reading for a video review, more pictures and additional information.

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Glow Headphones

Glow Headphones are the world's first smart headphones that glow with laser light and pulse to the rhythm of your music or heart. With Android Wear (iOS coming soon), Glow lets you easily control Google Play Music, YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, Google Now, Instagram, and more. That's not all, you can also snap a picture with your phone remotely using the dedicated controller. Continue reading for a video and the Kickstarter page.

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Monster 24K Headphones

Photo credit: ChipChick

Monster 24K Headphones might look like they cost a thousand dollars, but these can be head for under $270. Featuring swiveling ear cups, ControlTalk Universal, which lets you conveniently switch between songs and incoming calls, along with a loud aggressive sound profile. The ear cups are made of plush memory foam that provide ample room inside the circumaural (around-the-ear) design for your ears to breathe. Plus, there's a detachable cable that connects to the left ear cup, and the package includes an extra wide coiled cable for DJs. Product page. Continue reading for a video review, more pictures and additional information.

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Bragi Dash Wireless Earbuds

There are Bluetooth headphones, and then the Bragi Dash. Unlike other earbuds, this one boasts an integrated 4GB hard drive (can store music files), Bluetooth connectivity and 15 sensors that measure every thing from how far and quickly you've run to your heart and respiration prices. According to The Verge, "The best headphones I tried [at CES 2015] - and the ones I'll be tempted to buy as soon as they are available - were the touch-enabled Bragi Dash headphones. They are exactly what I've wanted. The seal and the friction from the rubber keep the buds in place and are surprisingly comfortable, and they're light enough that they don't feel like they would pull themselves out." Continue reading for a video and more information.

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Photo credit: Martin Hajek

Graphic designer and 3D modeler extraordinaire Martin Hajek is no stranger to Apple products, so much so that he comes up with future designs for the company, including iBeats. the iBeats come in slate gray or champagne gold and feature built-in music controls as well as a light-up Apple logo. On a related note, did you know that Beats (now Apple) has also licensed audio technology to other companies for use in their own products? That's right, partners include HTC and Chrysler. Continue reading for more images.

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Ultrasone Limited Edition

Ultrasone's Edition 10 Limited Audiophile Headphones will cost you a hefty $2,599 on sale ($3,499.99 MSRP), and that's because each one is handmade in Germany, offering open natural sound design without any limitations. An exclusive headphone stand is included in each package, made from the same Zebrano wood as the clasps on the outer ear cups. Technologies used include: ULE-technology (Mu Metal shielding) and S-Logic Plus, which combines precision dampening with micro-acoustic reinforcement, allowing driver, buffer-board, and spatial parameters to complement one another in an optimal manner. Product page. Continue reading for more.

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Bullet Headphones

Inspire to Make's Igor used actual bullets to create the earphones you see above, and was kind enough to put together a step-by-step video showing how to make your own. Here's what you need: 2 bullet shells S&W .40 Cal, a pair of old headphones, a 10mm wooden dowel, 400 Grit / 800 Grit sandpaper, a finishing sponge, hacksaw, battery-powered drill, drill bit (diameter of the drill bit should match the diameter of the wire), soldering iron, and a vice or a clamp to fix the bullet casing for drilling. Continue reading to watch.

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Plantronics BackBeat PRO

Plantronics BackBeat PRO is the only pair of Bluetooth headphones you'll find in this list that cost more than $50, but there are some who prefer quality at any price. When you need to tune out the world and tune into your thoughts, Active Noise Canceling (ANC) rescues you. Use it with or without your music to help you focus or just get lost in the moment. When you want to check back in with the world around you, their adjustable OpenMic feature lets you control the level of ambient noise you hear. Product page. Continue reading to see more.

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SOUL by Ludacris

Soul Electronics SE5BLK Elite Headphones are currently being offered for only $69.96 shipped, today only, originally priced at $279.99. Within every pair of SOUL SE5 headphones, advanced electronics use microphones inside and outside each ear cup to sense the sounds around you-and reduce the noise. Proprietary ear cushion technology blocks some of the noise before it even reaches your ears. Product page.

Notable features:
  • The best around-ear Soul headphones reduce noise across a wide range of frequencies.

  • Advanced Driver and Circuitry Design Creates High-Precision Audio Balance. Clear Mids and Highs. and Superb Bass.

  • iPhone Ready: Compatible with iPhone iPad and iPod. Also compatible with any standard audio device (3.5mm jack).

  • Superior Over-ear Design with Full Ear Cup Articulation Ensures the Best and Most Comfortable Fit Every Time.

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