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Lie Detector

Kokoro Scanner Lie Detector Headset by Takara Tomy looks like a toy, but the company says this gadget can tell if a person is lying. It works by reading the changes in one's pulse when asked certain questions. The only confusing part is that there's a yellow light, which indicates you're not telling the whole truth. Product page. Continue reading for more.

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Transparent Car Japan

This technically isn't a *transparent car*, but rather one created by Susumu Tachi and Masahiko Inami of the Graduate School of Media Design at Keio University, that utilizes video camouflage technology. The system uses projectors, cameras, and special mirrors to mirror what one would see on the outside the car onto the surfaces inside. Continue reading for a video and more information.

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Latte Cat Art

Photo credit: My Modern Met

Latte art isn't the latest thing to hit the internet, but Japan-based barista "dongurinekobei" takes the skill to a whole new level with her photorealistic cat series. The inspiration for this series came from her 6-year-old gray tabby cat named Donguri, along with her two other foster kittens, Mugi and Uutan. Click here to view the first image in this week's funny Facebook status updates gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of NASA's pumpkin carving contest, complete with frickin' laser beams.

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Rabbit iPhone Case

No, this isn't an optical illusion, or a stuffed animal, but rather a real rabbit being used as an iPhone case. This image went viral online a few weeks ago, and since then, other iPhone owners have begun using their own pets in the same way. While most of the images you're about to see feature iPhones, this works with just about any brand, given that it's not a tablet or laptop. Continue reading for more.

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Rock Sculpture

Photo credit: Hirotoshi Itoh

Kicking a few stones around while walking isn't anything most people would take notice of, but one look at these creative sculptures by Japanese artist Hirotoshi Itoh, and you'll see them in a whole new light. He goes by "Jiyuseki" online, and he masterfully works with natural stones using both hand tools, as well as clever props, to create illusions such as the one above of a group of tourists peering out from a rock. Continue reading for more images and information.

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Super Mario Lunch

Photo credit: Li Ming

A mother-of-two from Singapore decided to get creative with the lunches she packs for her kids about three years ago. She has gone on to make more than 100 different creations for her two boys - 10-year-old Ivey and and 7-year-old Lucas Tey - to take the school, including bento box versions of Mario, Spider-Man, and Hello Kitty. The Daily Mail reports, "Li makes around six different creations every week but keeps some of them a secret to put in her new book." Continue reading to see more.

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Japanese Curry

Getting creative with your food by adding in a few additional garnishes is one thing, these Japanese chefs have gone the extra mile and used everyday items to create works of art, like the panda curry you see above. Other examples include: a rice bear covered with an omelet blanket, several bento box art creations, and lots more. Continue reading to see them all.

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Starbucks Japan

Photo credit: Ruffee Cola

The Starbucks you see above is the Kobe Kitano Ijinkan store, located in a historic 19th century Western style building. The two-story structure was originally erected in 1907 for Americans residing in Kobe at the time and called the "Kitano Monogatari-kan" (lit: Kitano Story House). After being damaged in the 1995 Great Hanshin Earthquake, it was donated to the city of Kobe, which then dismantled it and reconstructed the building as a Starbucks in its current location. According to Rocket News 24, "placing your order at the first floor bar, you can choose from a variety of rooms to enjoy your drink in. There's a spacious lounge, a dining room complete with cupboards, and even a small study that feels just like your own private refuge." Continue reading for more things you'll only find in Japan (and maybe other parts of Asia).

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Hello Kitty Contact Lenses

Hello Kitty like you've never seen the cat before in contact lens form. Even if you don't need contacts, these are purely cosmetic and also comes complete with a themed case as well as box, making it a perfect gift for any Hello Kitty fanatic. One caveat: it'll set you back $105 for a single set. Product page. Continue reading for more.

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Black Burger

No, this isn't just regular food coloring, but these black-colored burgers now being offered at Burger King locations throughout Japan. They're offered in two different varieties: "Kuro (Japanese for "black") Pearl" and "Kuro Diamond." The latter features a bamboo charcoal-infused black bun as well as bamboo-charcoal black cheese as well as a black onion and garlic sauce given its color by squid ink. Continue reading for live pictures and information.

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