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VR Mario Kart

Photo credit: Engadget

The HTC VIVE system is cool enough by itself, but pair it with Mario Kart VR? You've got an arcade racing game taken to the next level. It can be played at Shinjuku's Bandai Namco VR Zone arcade and costs $39 USD per ticket, which lets you choose between four VR experiences, one of which is Mario Kart GP VR. The car boasts a force-feedback steering wheel, and the entire car rocks with the gameplay, complete with wind effects. Continue reading for two more gameplay videos and information.

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Analogue Super NT

The Analogue NT Mini was known as the $450 NES, and now, the company has followed up that console with the Analogue Super NT, priced at a slightly more reasonable $190. Powered by a custom FPGA, it preserves the original aspect ratio, has support for multiple video resolutions, including 1080p, and 48KHz 16-bit stereo digital audio output. The cartridge slot is compatible with all Super NES and Super Famicom games, complete with an 8bitdo SN30 wireless controller. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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PDP Pixel Pals Mario

PDP Pixel Pals Super Mario World is the coolest way to light your game room, and it's being offered for just $11.99, today only, originally $14.99. Pop in a couple AAA batteries and you're all set. Super Mario World centers around the journey of Mario and Luigi to defeat Bowser and save Dinosaur Land. After dashing across the finish line, Mario throws up a peace sign to celebrate his most recent victory. With Yoshi as his trusted companion, he travels across sprawling worlds. Mario will do whatever it takes to help his friends and restore peace to the kingdom. Product page. Continue reading for another video unboxing and more information.

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Nintendo Switch Prime

The Nintendo Switch may not be new, but many stores are still having trouble keeping it in stock, but the console is being offered for $299.99 shipped to Prime members (free 30-day trial), this weekend only. At home the main unit rests in the Nintendo Switch dock, which connects the system to the TV and lets you play with family and friends in the comfort of your living room. Lift Nintendo Switch from the dock and instantly transition to handheld mode for on-the-go gaming. By sharing Joy-Con, players can go head-to-head while away from home. You can also enjoy the same great games in tabletop mode by using the included stand to prop the system up. Product page. Continue reading for more Super Mario Odyssey gameplay and information.

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SNES Classic Review

Photo credit: Kotaku

The NES Classic was an undeniable success, and the SNES Classic is set to become even more popular as pre-orders sold out within minutes of going live online. The console is officially going to hit stores this Friday (Sep. 29), priced at $80, and will include a miniature Super Nintendo, two controllers, HDMI cable, and power plug. Though the cartridge slot is non-functional, it comes pre-installed with 21 ROMs, including five legendary classics. Continue reading for another video review and more information.

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BittBoy Game Boy

The BittBoy may look like the original Nintendo Game Boy, but don't be fooled, as this handheld gaming system offers a rechargeable 500mAh battery that is good for hours of gameplay, an ultra crisp 2.2" IPS display, composite video output for playing on the big screen, and 300 preloaded games. For those wondering, yes, many of the included games are actual NES titles, but run through an emulator. Get one here now. Continue reading for another hands-on video review, more pictures and information.

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Super NES Classic

The SNES Classic is now available for pre-order at physical GameStop stores ($25 deposit), but will be officially released on September 29th. The system has the original look and feel of the 90s home console, only smaller. Plus, this one comes fully loaded with 21 games. Get your hands on some of the best 2-player games of the era, including Super Mario Kart and Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting. The Super NES Classic Edition is compatible with the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro accessories. Just plug it in and play. More information. Continue reading for a hands-on video and more information.

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Nintendo Switch Stock

The Nintendo Switch has been out of stock for quite some time, ever since it launched, but now, Amazon Prime members (free trial), can pick one up for $299.99, without having to purchase any bundle packages. In addition to providing single and multiplayer thrills at home, the Nintendo Switch system can be taken on the go so players can enjoy a full home console experience anytime, anywhere. The mobility of a handheld is now added to the power of a home gaming system, with unprecedented new play styles brought to life by the two new Joy-Con controllers. Get one here now. Continue reading for a video unboxing of the Nintendo Switch Sonic Mania limited edition collector's edition and more information.

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NES Screenshots Art

Photo credit: Andres Moncayo

Artist Andres Moncayo specializes in taking 8-bit NES screenshots and turning them into works of art. Whether it be Duck Hunt, Punch-Out!!, or Ninja Gaiden, he has you covered. Did you know that prior to the NES version, Nintendo also made a Duck Hunt game based on Laser Clay Shooting System released in 1976? That's right, it was later a pack-in game, paired with Super Mario Bros.; the pack later also included World Class Track Meet. Continue reading for more screenshots.

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Nintendo Cross

With Nintendo diving into the mobile gaming universe, it's only a matter of time before they start releasing accessories and / or their own smartphone. The "Nintendo Cross" basically transforms your iPhone into a Switch-like gaming console, complete with a full set of removable controllers. Plus, a sliding mechanism enables users to play games in both horizontal and vertical modes by shifting the controllers. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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