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SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch Photos

Photo credit: Mayor Eric Garcetti

SpaceX has officially landed its Falcon 9 rocket for the first time in California, as it had previously done so at least 30 times, but all in Florida and on barges in the Pacific Ocean. The Falcon 9 took the Argentine satellite SAOCOM 1A into orbit, launching from Vandenberg Air Force Base northwest of Los Angeles at approximately 7pm local time on Sunday, and the booster came back to Earth safely eight minutes later. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and information.

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Pictar Pro

Always wanted a DSLR, but couldn't find enough reasons to shell out the money for one, especially if you already own a smartphone? Miggo has just introduced 'the world's most advanced camera grip for iPhones and Androids,' called the Pictar Pro. This accessory turns your device into a simplified DSLR of sorts. Featuring a sleek satin-finish brass-body, four larger control wheels / buttons for one-hand use, an exposure compensation wheel, multi-state shutter release, rocker zoom switch, and a smart wheel that lets you select one of nine shooting modes. Just slide your phone into the grip, load up the Pictar App, and you're ready to shoot. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and information.

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Comet 67P Surface

The European Space Agency has just released a new photo captured by the Rosetta spacecraft in 2014 of a geological feature on Comet 67P, called "Seth". It's "one of the geological regions on the larger of the two comet lobes, which declines towards the smoother Hapi region on the comet's 'neck' that connects the two lobes. The landscape in the background reveals hints of the Babi and Aker regions, both located on the large lobe of 67P/C-G," according to the ESA. Continue reading for two more videos, pictures and information.

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Seal Slaps Kayaker

Photo credit: Taiyo Masuda via Peta Pixel

Sydney-based filmmaker Taiyo Masuda recently went on a kayaking trip with his friend Kyle Mulinder when he unexpectedly captured a wildlife encounter unlike any other with a GoPro Hero 7 Black: a seal swam up to Mulinder and slapped him in the face with an octopus, or possibly providing him with a gift. "We were kayaking in the winter NZ Kaikoura, beautiful day, seals were swimming and enjoying the sun on the rocks. Right around lunchtime, several seals started to swim around. We just thought they were refreshing their body, yet apparently they were seeking more of food," said Masuda to Peta Pixel. Continue reading to see more footage from Taiyo's adventures.

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Typhoon Trami Space

Photo credit: Alexander Gerst

Alexander Gerst, a European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut, captured a stunning series of Typhoon Trami images from the International Space Station, where he's currently Station Commander for Expedition 57. Typhoon Trami has already disrupted travel in the world's third-biggest economy, with bullet train services in the west of Japan suspended and almost 1,000 flights cancelled due to the closure of a key airport hub. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and additional information.

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Small World in Motion

Photo credit: Nikon

There's plenty going on around us that we can't see, and the annual Nikon Small World in Motion video contest aims to bring some of that unseen world to light. Starting off, the first place winner captured by Dr. Elizabeth M. Haynes & Jiaye "Henry" He, using Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) at 10x magnification, shows a zebrafish embryo growing its elaborate sensory nervous system (visualized over 16 hours of development). Continue reading for another video and more information.

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Illuminated Drone Glacier

Photo credit: Reuben Wu

Photographer Reuben Wu was fortunate enough to make a trip to Pastoruri Glacier in Peru, and captured these surreal images that almost look computer-generated. "At 17,000ft [5,250m], it was a physical challenge to reach the glacier, compounded by the fact that I was shooting at night and under freezing conditions. This glacier is receding at a shocking rate due to climate change and as a result there has been a huge drop in tourism and an impact on the local community. With this series, I felt like this was an attempt to document an endangered landscape which may not exist in a decade," said Wu to Peta Pixel. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Facebook RED Manifold 360 Camera

Ever wonder what a camera by RED and Facebook's VR arm Oculus would look like? If so, then look no further than the Manifold 360. This camera packs sixteen 8K lens-sensor combos from RED for 6DoF captures, which makes it the first end-to-end solution for 3D 360 content. What does 6DoF mean? The viewer can move in six directions while viewing that footage and see it'd be what you'd see if you moved that way in the real scene. It uses Facebook's depth estimation technology to generate the 3D view that allows for that volumetric data. Continue reading to see it in-action and for more information.

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Zeiss ZX1 Lightroom

Let's face it, the convenience of snapping photos with your smartphone is the ability to edit the images right away. The ZEISS ZX1 brings that same functionality to a full-frame point and shoot camera. In addition to its 37.4-megapixel full-frame sensor with an ISO range of 80-51200, it has Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC built into the camera, enabling you to quickly and easily process RAW photos - up to 512GB of images - directly on its 4.3" touchscreen display. Other features include: a 3,190mAh battery,, 3fps continuous shooting, 4K video recording at 30fps, and microphone / headphone jacks. Continue reading for another video, more pictures and information.

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Nikon Z7 Louis Vuitton LV Edition

Photo credit: LuxuryLaunches]

This Nikon Z7 Louis Vuitton edition may look official, but it's actually just a fan creation by photographer Boonlert Rojanaboworn, the operator of Nikon Club Thailand. According to its creator, this 24K gold camera, limited to 7-units worldwide, would probably be wrapped in soft albino buckskin and then covered with the famous LV monogram. Continue reading for pictures of real special edition Nikon cameras and more information.

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