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Human Head Transplant

Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero says he plans to attempt the first human head transplant later this year on 31-year-old Russian software development manager Valery Spiridonov, who suffers from a debilitating muscle-wasting disease. To be more specific, the procedure is estimated to last about 36 hours, and Spiridonov's head will be cooled to around 12° Celsius, cut from his body and connected to a donated body of a brain-dead person as quickly as possible. Canavero will be assisted by a team of 100 surgeons and other medical staff, and afterwards, Spiridonov will be kept in an artificially-induced coma for 3-4 weeks while doctors stimulate his spinal cord nerves to reconnect and start functioning. Continue reading for more fascinating images from around the web.

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Cannikin Nuclear Test

Cannikin was an underground nuclear weapons test performed on November 6, 1971, on Amchitka island, Alaska, by the United States Atomic Energy Commission. The experiment, part of the Operation Grommet nuclear test series, tested the warhead design for the LIM-49 Spartan anti-ballistic missile. With an explosive yield of almost 5-megatons TNT equivalent, the test was the largest underground explosion ever detonated by the United States. To perform the test, 400 tons of equipment was placed in a shaft 6,150 feet deep and 90 inches wide. Test support equipment was designed to survive a ground upheaval of 15 feet at test time. Continue reading for more interesting images from around the web.

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Dinosaur Tail Feather Amber

In this small piece of amber, dating back to the mid-Cretaceous Period approximately 99-million-years ago, paleotologist Lida Xing of China University of Geosciences discovered a perfectly preserved dinosaur tail feather from a juvenile coelurosaur. This theropod dinosaur - belonging to the same family as the tyrannosaurs - was about the size of a sparrow. "It's visually stunning and the level of detail on the specimen is not something I was expecting at all. I've done a lot of work on amber from dinosaur bone digs in places like Alberta and Saskatchewan, and there's always the hope that maybe you'll find a fragment of a feather. This actually has part of the animal in it in terms of the skeletal remains too. It's a totally different ball game," said co-author Ryan McKellar of the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Canada. Continue reading for more fascinating images from around the web.

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Funny Gaming the System

Photo credit: Bored Panda

Hate when products place a sticker that either voids the warranty or forces you to accept the end user agreement when it's broken? Well, this person decided to game the system, literally, by opening this software disc from the bottom instead of breaking the seal. Technically, they should still be able to return it, should they not agree with something, or so we think. Continue reading for more people taking things too literally. Click here for a few bonus images.

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IKEA Wedge Dowel Snap Together Furniture

IKEA furniture may be affordable, and a great value, but sometimes, the assembly can take longer than expected. However, that is all about to change, with the company's new furniture line that uses wedge dowel technology, starting with the Lisabo table. Simply put, it only takes minutes to snap the pieces together, and without the use of tools. Continue reading for more fascinating images from around the web.

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Equus Bass 770

Take a Ford Mustang, cross it with a Dodge Challenger, and you get the Equus Bass 770. Under the hood, you'll find a 640-horsepower, 605 lb-ft of torque supercharged 6.2L aluminum V8, enabling the muscle car to hit 0-60mph in just 3.4-seconds, while topping out at 200mph. You can thank its lightweight aluminum chassis, complete with a 'superformed aluminum body', as well as carbon fiber inners enhancing structural strength, for the speed boost. Don't let its exterior fool you, as the interior is as modern as can be, and includes a touchscreen display with USB connectivity / satellite navigation, as well as a booming sound system. Continue reading for more interesting pictures from around the web.

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UPS Delivery Drone

Amazon Prime Air is one thing, this delivery drone is another. UPS modified a delivery truck with a special roof hatch, through which a custom drone is secured to a cage. When opened, the driver places a package inside, before sending the drone on its preset route. These routes could eventually be automatically generated by software, but for now, the company is pre-programming destinations and directions. The drones have a 30-minute flight time and can hold up to 10-pound packages. Continue reading for more interesting images from around the web.

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1912 Henderson Motorcycle

Henderson was a manufacturer of 4-cylinder motorcycles from 1912 until 1931. They were the largest and fastest motorcycles of their time, and appealed to sport riders and police departments. The company promptly announced a new 57 cubic inch (934 cc) IOE four-cylinder 7 hp motorcycle, with the engine mounted inline with the frame and chain drive. Production began in 1911, using the in-line four-cylinder engine and long wheelbase that would become Henderson trademarks, and it was available to the public in January 1912. Advertisements boasted 7 HP and a price of $325. It was the third four-cylinder production motorcycle built in the United States, and featured a folding hand-crank starter handle. Continue reading for 18 more fascinating pictures from around the web.

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Naica Crystal Cave

The Cave of the Crystals is connected to the Naica Mine 980-feet below the surface in Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico. The main chamber contains giant selenite crystals, some of the largest natural crystals ever found, similar to the ones seen in Superman's Fortress of Solitude. The cave's largest crystal found to date is 39-feet in length, 13-feet in diameter and 55 tons in weight. It's extremely hot inside, with air temperatures reaching up to 136° F at 90% - 99% percent humidity. The caverns are relatively unexplored due to these factors, as without proper protection, humans can only endure approximately 10-minutes of exposure at a time. The Cave of the Crystals was discovered by brothers Eloy and Javier Delgado. Continue reading for more fascinating images from around the web.

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Locker Vending Machine

I built a vending machine inside my school locker

Photo credit: Imgur

Blake Hawkins, a senior at Valley Center High School in Kansas, aspires to become an electrical engineer, and spends his free time inventing things, like "The Soda Locker". Some of the parts he used to create this locker-sized vending machine include an Arduino chip, LCD display, a coin acceptor, and a reed switch. "After that, I was on a roll. I decided to sell two different kinds of pop in order to fit the machine into the locker. I hooked up two arcade buttons to buy the pop, two servos, and added the reed switch to give myself an admin access page. My plan is, if I get approval to move it to the Student Council room, I'll use it as a fundraiser for Student Council, selling healthier choices like lemonade and orange juice," said Hawkins. Continue reading for

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