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TeenSafe App

TeenSafe, a monitoring app that lets parents keep an eye on their children's text messages, social media, and phone location, has leaked sensitive data related to thousands of its users that include both parents as well as children. The data, stored on two servers backed by Amazon Web Services, compresses the email addresses of parents that are associated with the teen monitoring app, alongside the Apple IDs of children and their passwords in plaintext. It's reported that at least 10,200 records from the past three months were put at risk. Continue reading for a video showing how to protect your Apple account and what kind of information was leaked from TeenSafe.

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Android P

Google showcased Android P at their 2018 I/O Conference this week, and it's packed with major new features, including some AI-powered ones. Just a few of the highlights are time limits on apps, being able to switch your phone's display to grayscale at night, and quickly hiding all notifications when you don't want to see them. User interface wise, there's a revamped control scheme that updates Android's back, home, and multitasking buttons. Continue reading for two more videos and information.

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Facebook Dating

Forget Tinder and other dating apps, Facebook is set to launch a dating feature, and according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the company's annual F8 developer conference Tuesday: "This is going to be for building real, long-term relationships - not just hook-ups." This opt-in feature matches users with people they aren't already friends with, and will be able to build a dating profile that even their friends won't be able to see. Continue reading for another screenshot of the interface and more information.

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FastPhotoStyle AI

Photo credit: Peta Pixel

NVIDIA and a team of scientists from University of California, Merced have developed an AI algorithm called FastPhotoStyle that is capable of transferring one photo's style, to another, automatically. Unlike similar algorithms, NVIDIA's results can be generated 60 times faster than traditional methods, since it splits the task in two separate steps: a stylization step where the style of a reference photo is transferred to the content photo, and then a smoothing step, which make things photorealistic using 'spacially consistent stylizations.' Continue reading for another video and more information.

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MS Paint Artwork

Photo credit: Concha Garcia Zaera via Bored Panda

Most digital artists use Adobe software (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.) to create masterpieces, but 87-year-old Concha Garcia Zaera uses MS Paint, as she discovered the program after her children gifted her a computer. Each one of these paintings takes approximately 2-weeks to complete. "My husband fell ill and I had to take care of him, so I couldn't go out very often. I began painting little things: first, a house, the next day I'd add a mountain...Step by step, I was adding details, and in the end, the result was a very pretty thing. I have no imagination at all, so I get inspiration from the postcards that my husband used to send me or drawings that I find and like," said Zaera. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Fortnite iOS

Epic Games Fortnite is an overwhelming success for game consoles, PCs, and now, the iOS as well as Android mobile platforms. It's currently available on iOS in beta, but the game will eventually come to Android platforms as well. To play Fortnite: Battle Royale on iOS, you'll need an iPhone 6S/SE or better, a newer iPad (Mini 4, Pro, or Air 2+), and iOS 11 installed. As you can see in the video above, mobile players aren't limited to just their own special multiplayer servers, but rather full cross-play and cross-save with PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Android. Continue reading for more iOS gameplay videos and information.

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MS Word Teacher Ghana

Photo credit: Bored Panda

ICT (Information and Communications Technology) instructor Owura Kwadwo, originally from Kumasi, Ghana, teaches kids in a rural farming community how to use Microsoft Word. Since most do not have access to computers, he draws a screenshot of the layout on a chalkboard for them to study. "I do it to make my students understand what I'm teaching. At least to give a picture of what they will see assuming they were behind a computer. I do make sure they understand everything well before they leave the class," said Kwadwo. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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FaceApp Presidents

Photo credit: Reddit via Bored Panda

For those who have never heard of FaceApp, it's basically an application for iOS and Android platforms that was developed by Russian company Wireless Lab. It utilizes neural network technology to automatically generate highly realistic transformations of faces in photographs. Recently, Redditor "ygdrssl" used the app to transform the current and former US Presidents into females. "It's strange to think that these people would never have been elected president because of that pesky troll X chromosome. Most recent presidents are represented back to 1900," said "ygdrssl". Continue reading for more pictures.

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Die With Me App

There's plenty of chat and messaging apps out there, but "Die With Me" is the first that can only be used when your smartphone has less than 5% battery left. That's right, this iOS / Android app enables users with low battery to log into an online chatroom and talk as they wait for their devices to shut down completely, or "die together in a chatroom on your way to offline peace," said the developers. You won't need to provide any personal information, just a username and allow the app to access battery status. Continue reading for a video review and more information.

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Google Arts and Culture App

Photo credit: Ryanw79 via Bored Panda

Been using Instagram, Twitter or Facebook these past few days? Then you may have noticed that your friends are sharing photos of themselves and their classical artwork doppelgangers using the Google Arts and Culture app. It just got updated with a new feature called face match, and it's exactly as it sounds, matching your selfies with historical paintings that look like you. Continue reading for more examples.

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