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Ferrari Spaceship

Sure, commercial spaceships where normal humans can ride in are probably about 30-years away, but that doesn't mean Ferrari designers can't get their feet wet by coming up with out of the world concepts. Flavio Manzoni - the man who designed the FXX K and LaFerrari - looked to Blade Runner for inspiration, and came up with this shiny spaceship. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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Mars Martian Sunset

Once the first humans set foot on Mars (if they haven't already), they'll be regularly treated to glorious blue sunsets. That's exactly what NASA's Curiosity rover saw recently, after it captured stunning views of the sun disappearing from Mars' horizon. The image above was taken on April 15th, on sol 956, after a 3-year wait by the team working on the Rover's MastCam. While most of the surface of Mars is a deep red color, it's this thick dust that also turns the sunset blue. Click here to view the first image in this week's funny internet trolls gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a funny bear who might have been a human in their past life.

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Polished Meteorite

Photo credit: Damnthatsinteresting / Reddit

Most meteorites appear jagged with a rough texture, but when you polish one of these space rocks, something amazing happens. Reddit user Isai76 shared this other-worldly image of a polished pallasitic meteorite, in which the green-yellow transparent minerals are called olivine, the material that composes most of the upper mantle of the Earth. The metallic parts you see are an iron-nickel alloy. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

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NASA Warp Drive

NASA has unveiled a revolutionary new method of space travel that could one day allow humans to travel at speeds faster than light. The new drive, called "EMDrive", could carry passengers and their equipment to the moon in just 4-hours, and a trip to Alpha Centauri, which would normally take tens of thousands of years now, could be reached in a mere 100-years. The revolutionary new system is based on electromagnetic drive, which converts electrical energy into thrust without the need for rocket fuel. Continue reading for a video news report and more information.

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NASA Lens eBay

Photographers looking to add a unique item to their collection should consider this gigantic NASA 2540mm f/8 mirror tele lens. Officially known as the Jonel 100, it's claimed to be "one of the biggest lenses ever." According to the seller, NASA utilized this lens to observe Saturn V, and a similar model was used to track as well as capture images of the Space Shuttle Challenger on the day it exploded during launch. Continue reading for more pictures, information and the auction page.

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Starry Night Sky

Photo credit: Mikko Lagerstedt

It's only a matter of time before humans are going into space for vacation, instead of just other countries. For the time being, there are spectacular places to view the night sky right here on Earth. The image above may have been Photoshopped, but simply drive into the desert or the mountains for a similar view, minus the shipwreck. Continue reading for more breathtaking photos that will make you long for space travel.

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Amazing Universe Picture

In this incredible image, hot blue stars shine brightly in a recently formed galactic or "open" star cluster. This particular open cluster, NGC 3293, is located in the constellation Carina, which lies at a distance of about 8000-light-years from us. These blue stars are only about 6-million-years-old, whereas the cluster's dimmer, redder stars appear to be about 20-million-years-old. Star formation in this open cluster took at least 15-million-years, a very short time when compared with the billions of years stars like our Sun live, and the over-ten billion year lifetimes of many galaxies and our universe. Continue reading for more.

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Space Sheets

Future space explorers rejoice! There are a few things, such as astronaut and galaxy bed sheets, that you can pick up to bring the experience home. The sheets (right) you see above was created with a digital printer that inked everything onto satin to make things very clear, soft and smooth. Best of all, the colors you see will not fade over time, guaranteed, or at least according to its creator. Continue reading for more.

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Filmed Heavens

TSO Photography climbed the highest mountain in Spain, El Teide, to captured this mind-boggling footage. It took him approximately 7-days to film, during which he only slept 10 hours. People claim Teide Observatory is one of the best places in the world to photograph the stars. TSO says: "Interestingly enough my camera was set for a 5 hour sequence of the milky way during this time and I was sure my whole scene was ruined. To my surprise, my camera had managed to capture the sandstorm which was backlit by Grand Canary Island making it look like golden clouds. The Milky Way was shining through the clouds, making the stars sparkle in an interesting way. So if you ever wondered how the Milky Way would look through a Sahara sandstorm, look at 00:32." Continue reading for the video and more information.

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NASA Alien Life

Are we alone in the universe? NASA says the answer to that burning question is "almost certainly no." While we could meet our alien neighbors within the next two decades, they may not be of the space-faring or even intelligent type. Ellen Stofan, NASA chief scientist for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, says: "I believe we are going to have strong indications of life beyond Earth in the next decade and definitive evidence in the next 10 to 20 years. We know where to look, we know how to look, and in most cases we have the technology." Continue reading for a video and more information.

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