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Real Star Trek Tractor Beam

Photo credit: Mail Online

Researchers have developed a real-life tractor beam that uses sound to capture and maneuver objects in mid-air, similar to the one used in Star Trek, has been developed. How does it work? The technology basically focuses waves of high intensity sound to grab, lift and move small items in a similar way a human hand, or a pair of tweezers, would. Dozens of miniature ultrasonic loudspeakers are used to create an acoustic 'hologram' in the air above it in other words. Though it's a long way from being powerful enough to capture larger objects, it could be perfect for assembling electronic components or for doctors conducting surgery. Continue reading for another video on tractor beams and more information.

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Star Trek Home Replica

Photo credit: Business Insider

A Star Trek fanatic has built the ultimate home in a quiet suburb of Houston, Texas, but now he's selling it. Listed at $1.27 million, this 6,000-square-foot mansion's main focal point is a cinema room designed to look like Star Trek's USS Enterprise. "He's always been interested in space travel, in being in the stars, and he decided that if there was no way to travel to the stars, he'd bring them here," listing agent William Machupa said of the seller. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Lifestyle Home Elevator

Forget normal stairlifts, the Star Trek-inspired Lifestyle Home Elevator consists of a glass-paneled pod that can be installed in a corner, and runs along a pair of rails that hide the hydraulic mechanism from sight. What sets this elevator apart from others is its shaft-less design, which means that you can leave it upstairs when you're downstairs, and vice-versa, leaving only rails visible. In case of an emergency, the microswitches on the bottom trigger an emergency brake as soon as one of them is touched. Continue reading for another video and more information.

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Star Trek USS Enterprise Pizza Cutter

This Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise pizza cutter is officially licensed, and has a stainless-steel blade with a sleek solid, zinc-alloy, chromium-plated body. It's no toy either, as it measures 7" long, 4.25" wide, and has a 4" blade diameter. Get one here now and you'll be able to "explore strange new crusts, seek out new cheeses / toppifications and to boldly cut pizza where no one has cut before." Continue reading for a hands-on review and more information.

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X-Wing USS Enterprise Coffee Tables

Furniture designer Barry Shields takes blocks of wood and crafts them into beautiful custom coffee tables. His latest projects include a Star WArs X-wing starfighter and Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise. Now the only thing that could possibly make these better would be matching coffee mugs and / or trays. Click here to view the first image in this week's demotivational posters gallery. Continue reading for a viral video that provides a first look at "Avengers of Oz: Age of Tin Man".

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iPhaser Star Trek Phaser

Photo credit: Martin Hajek

There's the Star Trek Phaser Remote, and then this iPhaser, designed by Martin Hajek. Apparently, Apple's Jony Ive gave JJ Abrams design tips on how some of the Star Wars props should look, and we all know how big of a Trekkie the director is also, so it would only make sense to show what a modern phaser would look like. Hajek says that it "comes with [a] changeable leather strap, touch-screen control to fine-tune your stun-settings and more." Unfortunately (or fortunately), it may be a while, if ever, until we see this being sold in stores. Continue reading for more pictures.

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Star Trek Enterprise Building China

Star Trek fans rejoice! Chairman Liu Dejianof China-based NetDragon Websoft modeled the company's new headquarters after Star Trek's USS Enterprise. After acquiring the licensing rights from CBS, they set out to construct the building, and so far, it's taken six years of construction (2008-2014) and $160-million. Continue reading for an aerial video and more information.

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Star Trek Phaser Remote

The Wand Company's Star Trek Phaser looks like just another prop at first, but it's actually a fully-functional remote control. It includes a small, hand-held Type I Phaser, which slides snugly into a larger Type II Phaser body complete with removable pistol-grip. Whether if you are turning a dial or using the fully functioning gesture-based control system, you'll have up to 36 commands to choose from and 10 different phaser sounds. Since it's a universal remote, you can easily program this to work with televisions, Blu-ray players and more. Product page. Continue reading for a hands-on video demonstration and more information.

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Star Trek Sushi

This Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set isn't just for looks, it's modeled after the iconic starship NCC-1701 from the original series, and comes complete with a wooden base to use as a plate. That's not all, the saucer of the ship opens up to double as a soy sauce dish, and the blue warp trails can be pulled off to be used as chopsticks. Product page. Continue reading for one more picture and information.

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Leonard Nimoy

Three decades ago, Leonard Nimoy published an autobiography with the defiant title, "I Am Not Spock." Two decades later, he bowed to fate with "I Am Spock," a revisionist sequel. He played a variety of other stage and screen roles, wrote poetry and pursued photography, but his portrayal of Star Trek's Mr. Spock remained indelible and inescapable. Nimoy died Friday, age 83, of end-stage chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at his Los Angeles home, with family at his side, said his son, Adam Nimoy. Continue reading for another video and more information.

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