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Getting chewing gum on your gadgets usually means lots of time spent cleaning the mess up, and hoping it still works. This artist decided to go big by taking the confection to the streets of Venice. Click here for first picture in gallery.

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Ubuntu Laptop

Canonical unveils Ubuntu Netbook Remix at Computex 2008 in Taipei. This operating system is basically a "reworked desktop image of Ubuntu built specifically for a new category of portable internet-centric devices." Click here for first picture in gallery.

We are told that this flavor will feature a launcher that enables users to "get online more quickly and have faster access to their favorite applications," and that it "leverages Moblin technologies optimized for the Intel Atom processor."
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An ASUS Eee PC user managed to get Ubuntu with the Compiz Fusion add-on running, and provides us with a short demonstration. Just to recap, the ASUS Eee PC boasts a 7-inch display, 2GB or 8GB SSD drives, 256MB/1GB RAM, and weighs only 2.03-pounds. Video after the break. Click here for first picture in gallery.

Here's a video of the two programs loaded onto a completely stock, 512MB Asus Eee PC. We were way impressed by how the Eee doesn't break a sweat during all the effects
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Cube Atlantis is basically a CompizFusion plugin that renders "a few fish, sharks, whales, and dolphins in your desktop cube." Video after the jump.
To install this plugin, along with a wealth of other entertaining and useful plugins for CompizFusion, select the "compiz-fusion-plugins-extra" package through your favorite package manager or apt
[via JATB]

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