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Afghan Vet Kinessa Johnson Poachers

Photo credit: Kinessa Johnson

US army veteran Kinessa Johnson has become an Instagram star after leaving the US to protect endangered wildlife in Africa. After a tour in Afghanistan, serving four years as a weapons instructor and mechanic, Kinessa joined Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife (VETPAW) as an anti-poaching advisor. The team refrain from using force, but have permission to use their weapons if they feel threatened. Johnson says: "We work side by side with park rangers and it's truly a learning experience for not only park rangers but also our team. Our intention is not to harm anyone; we're here to train park rangers so they can track and detain poachers and ultimately prevent poaching." Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.

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Backyard Theme Park

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Bruno, a man who lives in northern Italy, built a theme park in his very own backyard. His story begins in June 1969 when he purchases a a jug of white wine and a jug of red wine and five or six kilos of sausages to the forest. Bruno then set up a grill in the shade of a tree and awaited his first customers, and says: "I wanted to see if we would sell something or if people would come." Fast forward to today, and Ai Pioppi has human-powered swings, slides, seesaws, gyroscopes, a ferris wheel and even a roller-coaster. Click here to view the first image in this week's WINS gallery. Continue reading for a viral video of a blind painter who learned to master his craft.

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Full Head Transplant

Valery Spiridonov, a 30-year-old computer scientist from Russia who was born with Werdnig-Hoffman disease, says he's ready to put his trust in controversial surgeon Dr. Sergio Canavero who claims he can cut off his head and attach it to a healthy body. Spiridonov says: "My decision is final and I do not plan to change my mind. Am I afraid? Yes, of course I am. But it is not just very scary, but also very interesting. But you have to understand that I don't really have many choices. If I don't try this chance my fate will be very sad. With every year my state is getting worse." Continue reading for a TED Talks video describing the procedure and more information.

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World's Largest Rabbit

Darius, measuring a whopping 4ft 4in (1.3m) and 22.2kg (48.9lb), is currently the world's largest rabbit, but he'll soon be trumped by his son, Jeff, who is currently 3ft 8in (1.1m) and has 6-months left of his growing phase. The father and son duo are both a part of the Continental Giant breed, which make great house pets by the way, if you can over look their food costs. Both of them can devour 2,000 carrots and 700 apples a year, as well as specially formulated rabbit food, all of which costs around £5,000. Continue reading for more images and information.

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Krispy Kreme Challenge

Yes, The Krispy Kreme Challenge exists, and it's essentially an annual charity event in which participants run a 2.5 mile road course leading to a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts shop, eat one dozen doughnuts (totaling 2,400 calories and 144 grams of fat), and run back to the finish line in under 1 hour. The event began in 2004 and is still going strong, thanks to Park Scholars at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. All profits from the race are donated to North Carolina Children's Hospital, and last year's race brought in a total of $758,000. Continue reading for more weird and bizarre, yet true, facts about US cities.

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Dr. Seuss House

Called the "Dr. Seuss House", this strange home located in the Alaskan wilderness north of Anchorage consists of a series of tiered structures stacked atop each other. The original owner built this home 20-years-ago because he wanted a view of the Mount McKinley and Denali mountains nearby. A recent forest fire afforded him such views, but the surrounding trees started back, the views were once again lost. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.

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Volcano Lightning

There are few things more beautiful for a photographer than being able to capture menacing flash of lightning bolts within a volcanic ash cloud. This mind-boggling image, captured by amateur photographer as Hernando Rivera Cervantes, shows the Colima volcano in Mexico spewing out a plume of ash and lava, revealing the raw power of a volcanic eruption. He says: "I waited for eight hours, knowing something was going to happen. When the lightning arrived it was magical. An unforgettable experience." Continue reading to see the animated image.

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Extreme Winds 91st Floor
Window Cleaners 91st Floor

Photo credit: Gizmodo

Two window cleaners in China experienced a dizzying 15-minute ride after their platform spun out of control and crashed into the side of a Shanghai skyscraper. This incredible footage was captured by a diner inside of a restaurant located on the 91st floor of the 1614-foot (492 metre) tall Shanghai World Financial Centre on Thursday morning. It shows the platform swinging violently back and forth and smashing into the glass windows at high speed - causing them to crack.

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Siberian Crater UFO

Remember those mysterious craters that suddenly appeared in Siberia, Russia months ago? Well, according to The Siberian Times, a team of scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences was investigating one of the large craters recently and reportedly stumbled upon an "unidentified object resembling a space capsule" at the bottom. After reporting the finding, the team's satellite telephone link disconnected and they have not been found or heard from since. Continue reading for a video and more information.

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Basement Underground City

The Derinkuyu underground city is an ancient multi-level underground city in the Derinkuyu district in Nevsehir Province, Turkey. Derinkuyu was fully formed in the Byzantine era, when it was heavily used as protection from Muslim Arabs during the Arab-Byzantine wars. It can be closed from the inside with large stone doors. Each floor could be closed off separately. The city could accommodate up to 20,000 people and had all the usual amenities found in other underground complexes across Cappadocia, such as wine and oil presses, stables, cellars, storage rooms, refectories, and chapels. These tunnels were rediscovered in 1963, after a resident of the area found a mysterious room behind a wall in his home. Further digging revealed access to the tunnel network. Continue reading for a video, more pictures and additional information.

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