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Electric BMW Car

ITAP transformed an old 1997 BMW into "The Phoenix, an electric car with a longer driving range than the Tesla Model S P100D for just a fraction of the cost. It comes equipped with three types of recycled batteries that total 130 kilowatts of capacity - comprised of lithium-ion 18650 cells, old laptops, and used electric car batteries - powering an electric motor, enabling it to drive for 382-miles on a full charge. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Electric BMW 528i
Electric BMW 528i
Electric BMW 528i

"Lundgren and his team built the 'Phoenix' in 35 days for just $13,000. Lundgren hopes that if nothing else, 'the powers that be' within electronic corporations will notice ITAP's effort and will feel motivated to start practicing what he calls 'hybrid-recycling'," reports Design Boom.

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