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DS X E-Tense

The X E-Tense by France-based automaker DS aims to take electric hypercars to the next level, powered by a pair of electric motors in the front wheels, with each generating 540 horsepower in street mode. When at the track, they can be boosted up to 1,360 hp, while a carbon-fiber chassis ensures that it remains nimble in the twisties. This two-seater features an open cockpit design and an autonomous mode that lets the driver shift over to the passenger side. Continue reading for more fascinating images from around the web.

15. Iron Workers Recreate "Lunch Atop a Skyscraper" Photo from 1932

Fascinating Images

14. Valley of the Ten Peaks in Alberta, Canada

Fascinating Images

13. Creative

Fascinating Images

12. Splash Mountain

Fascinating Images

11. When Roku Meets Old Television

Fascinating Images

10. Machine That Lets You Practice CPR at Cleveland Airport

Fascinating Images

9. Elephant Rock in Iceland

Fascinating Images

8. Ultimate Home Flight Simulator

Fascinating Images

7. Views from a Train in Rothorn, Switzerland

Fascinating Images

6. White Sands in New Mexico by Jaxson Pohlman

Fascinating Images

5. Oddly Satisfying

We all need a little satisfaction dump in our lives

4. Gas Giant

Up close photos of Jupiter released by NASA in the past year. Most photos courtesy of the satellite Juno.

3. How Times Have Changed

Air travel in 1930s.

2. Eye to the Universe

The ESA's Gaia satellite is helping understand our galaxy, one star at a time.

1. Interior

Some everyday things from a new perspective

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