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You could pick up the SNES Portable above for under $80, or splurge on this massive game collection first. That's right, a gamer is selling a collection that includes every single SNES game released in the US, all 721 of them. You'll also get every single box ever released - note that Super Mario All Stars, Super Scope 6, and Miracle Piano never came packaged in boxes - as well as 605 unique game manuals, comprising 84% of all manuals. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

According to the seller, also included are 400-700 white box inserts, 400-700 white usage instruction booklets, 400-700 Nintendo Power advertisement cards and posters, 300-500 registration cards, and 100 or so posters. The collection was built by purchasing used carts, instructions and boxes from countless sellers.

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