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3D-Printed Concrete Houses

Photo credit: Houben / Van Mielo Architects

If Hanna-Barbera created a futuristic version of The Flinstones, the characters would probably live in these 3D-printed concrete houses. However, should that not happen, you will soon be able to find these structures in Eindhoven, which is south of the Netherlands, as part of an initiative called "Project Milestone" led by TU/e. Continue reading for another picture, a bonus video, and more information.

3D-Printed Concrete Houses

The first home will be a one-story abode that is expected to be completed sometime in 2019. Multi-story dwellings will follow at a later date. The concrete structures will be subject to all the regular building regulations and set out to meet the demands of current-day occupants concerning comfort, layout, quality, and pricing," according to Hype Beast.

Bonus Video

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