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LEGO Hot Rod

LEGO Technic fans rejoice! Green Gecko Technic Workshop has built a LEGO Technic Pneumatic Hot Rod powered by a working V8 engine. That's right, in addition to an independent front suspension, pneumatic steering, a full body kit with opening doors, the pneumatic engine runs on compressed air and can rev up to 1500 RPM at 55psi. Continue reading for more geeky LEGO creations you probably haven't seen before.

3. LEGO RC Ford Mustang GT 350-H

LEGO RC Ford Mustang GT 350-H
LEGO RC Ford Mustang GT 350-H

Certified LEGO master builder Paul Sariel has recreated a miniature remote-controlled version of the 1965 Shelby Mustang, and calls it the Ford Mustang GT 350-H. Weighing in at less than 3.9 pounds, it features a motor-driven V8 engine with a rotating radiator fan, mated to a 2-speed manual transmission driven by two electric LEGO PF L motors, a realistic tunable suspension system, functional hood / doors, steering wheel, and a removable body.

2. LEGO Fly & Drive Drone Kit

LEGO Drone Kit
LEGO Drone Kit

Force Flyer's Fly & Drive drone kit lets you build your very own functional drone with the bricks, and it comes with all you need to do so, including spare parts, a 6-axis gyroscope with auto flight stabilization, 2.4Ghz long-range controller, USB rechargeable batteries, and a crash-resistant ABS plastic frame. The tiny drone can fly for 12 minutes at a height of up to 75 meters and can be fully charged in just 1-hour.

1. LEGO Desert Eagle

LEGO Desert Eagle

You can build just about anything with LEGO, including this working Desert Eagle handgun. Snyzer_Tech has done just that by creating a completely functional Desert Eagle that fires plastic pellets, thanks to a complex system of rubber-bands and plastic bricks. It also features a jam-proof mechanism and a slide lock for quick changing magazines.

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