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570GT Feather Wrap

The McLaren 570GT might be the best everyday supercar currently available, but that doesn't mean absurd options, such as the "Feather Wrap," aren't available to potential buyers. McLaren Special Operations spends 300-hours hand-layering these feathers, and use approximately 10,000 on each vehicle. "Our engineers and designers have long been inspired by nature in our aim to create the lightest and most aerodynamic shapes on the road. We call this biomimicry. And it was on a beautiful day walking around our Woking campus that one of us looked up at the birds circling our lake, then picked up a feather from the ground and placed it on a car. That turned into a conversation with the craftsmen and women at MSO that led to the creation of the Feather Wrap," said Robin Crane, McLaren's Biomimicry Specialist. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

McLaren 570GT Feather Wrap
McLaren 570GT Feather Wrap
McLaren 570GT Feather Wrap

"Measuring seven centimeters long and covered with a pearlescent lacquer, the feathers are applied to the car parallel to the forward direction, thus cushioning the effects of the air flowing over the bodywork. The feathers act as grooves, reducing the surface drag and as the 570GT increases its speed, they start to vibrate, further reducing drag by delaying the transition from a laminar to turbulent boundary of air," reports Car Scoops.

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