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Harry Potter fans rejoice! Here's a mind-blowing look at the actual Hogwarts Castle set WB used for the movies, located inside their London studio. Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden now sits used to be an aircraft factory and runway known as Leavesden Aerodrome, where planes called Mosquitos and Halifax Bombers were manufactured. Continue reading for a video, more pictures, and additional information.

Formally the production home of all eight Harry Potter films, the new studio is spread across a secure 200-acre site and houses a collection of some of the largest sound stages in the UK spanning over a quarter of a million square feet, including one of the largest heated underwater filming tanks in Europe. In addition, the site provides an unrivaled, clear horizon 100 acre back-lot, one of the most extensive in Europe, which can be adapted for any production need and is available to all kinds of productions, not just Warner Bros., from commercials to music videos, TV shows to feature films.

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