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iPhone 6 Leaked

Photo credit: Feld Volk

Feld & Volk, a luxury iPhone vendor, has managed to come across two new photos of a production 4.7-inch iPhone 6. In addition to showing off its slim body, they give us a glimpse of the front panel's slightly tapered edges melding seamlessly into the rounded edges of the rear shell. Early reports say that the phone could boast a flexible and scratch-proof sapphire Retina display (1704 x 904 resolution), a quicker A8 processor, improved rear-facing camera, and built-in wireless charging support. The video above shows a conceptual "instant charging" station where the battery is swapped out for a fully charged one when placed in the dock. Continue reading for leaked images of a reversible Lightning cable, and more information.

Reversible Lightning Cable

According to The Daily Mail, " appears that Apple is going a step further, with rumours that its Lightning cable will be reversible at both ends. Apple tipster Sonny Dickson, based in Melbourne, Australia, has shared a photo that suggests the new Lightning Cable is completely reversible at both ends, so the frustration of jabbing at USB ports blindly to insert cables may be over."


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