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India's Supreme Court recently banned the sales and serving of liquor within 500-meters of national and state highways. This new ruling hit business owners hard, and many had to shut down their operations in just weeks. But one resourceful bar owner in Kerala, India devised an effective, yet low-tech, way of bypassing the law. The owner of Aishwarya Bar in North Paravoor, a suburb of Kochi, hired some workers and spent 3-days putting up a series of concrete blocks to turn the previously straight walkway into a maze that leads right up to the entrance. Now, the walking distance from the highway to his bar is approximately 520-meters, making it legal to sell liquor. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Aishwarya Bar
Aishwarya Bar
Aishwarya Bar

"We have done nothing illegal. The plot behind the bar also belongs to the owner and we have constructed an extended way to reach the bar. Now it is 520 meters from the highway. We are set to approach the circle inspector of excise with the new route map to authorize the reopening of the bar," said manager Shiju P.

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