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Just keep saying Orbis to yourself, as that is what Sony plans to call the next PlayStation. This next-generation console "will be capable of playing games at extremely high resolutions up to 4096x2160 -- Toshiba has recently unveiled a television capable of the same 'Ultra HD' resolution, and other manufacturers are set to follow suit." Click here for more pictures of the Orbis concept. Continue reading to see a cool fan-made PlayStation 4 commercial.

The most shocking part of the report is that the Orbis will not support PlayStation 3 games (just like the slim PS3 has no PS2 BC) and there might be some kind of "anti-used games" security in place. Orbis games will be available on Blu-Ray or as a digital download on SEN (people, stop calling it PSN).
[via Dvice - DailyMail]

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