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Lava Dome Volcano

Photo credit: J.B. Judd/USGS via Peta Pixel

Volcanic eruption may be common, but it's not everyday that you see a 65-foot tall bubble spewing from one. A United States Geological Survey photographer captured this stunning photo between October 10 and 13 in 1969 during the eruption of the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii. It's officially called a "dome fountain," with symmetrical formations like this one being extremely rare. Continue reading to see how large an adult human would look standing in front of this, along with a bonus video.

Lava Dome Volcano

"Here's a strange and beautiful photo of a lava dome during a volcanic eruption. It's not just any bubble, though: the dome pictured is rising a whopping 65 feet (20m) into the air. Another view of this dome on the USGS website notes that this dome may have reached over 245 feet (75m) tall at one point during the eruption," reports Peta Pixel.

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