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Eyeball Camera Lens

Photo credit: Matheiu Stern via Peta Pixel

Mathieu Stern is a photographer who thinks outside the box, and his latest project is definitely no exception. Put simply, he used a 3D printer to created a lens that is shaped like an eyeball. "If the model of the camera lens is the human eyeball, why not reverse the process and create a camera lens in the shape of a human eyeball," said Stern. To make it fully-functional, a viewfinder part from a microscope was used to focus light through the single-element lens, and then a 3D modeling program designed the lens before the printing process. Continue reading for a video, two sample images taken with the lens, and more information.

Eyeball Camera Lens
Eyeball Camera Lens

"It was not really a lens I made to take great photos. It was just a test to create totally stupid...and scary," added Stern.

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