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Credit Card Ax

SURVCO's Tactical Credit Card Ax fits in your wallet and can be used for everything from spearing a fish to skinning fish to cutting wood, all for $23.13, today only, originally $39.99. Its functions include: a tomahawk, ax, knife, scraper, skinner, shovel, arrow, spear, spear-thrower, saw, seatbelt cutter, bottle opener, water valve wrench, gas valve wrench, nail puller, 1/4" socket, 3/8" socket, 7/16" wrench and flat head screw driver. Product page. Continue reading for another video and more information.

"Love this thing! I'm a big fan of compact camping tools and this one takes the cake. I cut a notch in some oak dowel for the axe part (that's mainly what I bought this for) and added some zip ties and it really does the trick. Also added several feet of 550 paracord and made a sheath for it. Awesome," said one reviewer. More information.

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