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If you've ever wondered what it would be like to drive an armored car, this is your chance to own one. The T-98 is a combat SUV that even has nearly every safety feature a car could have including bullet proof windows and gun ports.
"The 8.1 litre 340 bhp Vortec V8 can push the it along at over 180 km/h (around 113mph), and in addition to sumptuous leather and woodgrain fittings, you can order almost any level of active safety feature, from gun ports to a full roof ring to carry a machine gun." "In the protection area, you can specify an additional layer of ceramic armouring between the double steel layer monocoque chassis. Even the electric windows are 50mm thick and capable of stopping an armour-piercing bullet . Prices start at US$138,000 for the base model, and you can spend an extra US$100,000 just improving the grade of armour to anti-tank level."
Source: [OhGizmo]

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