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Most art installations aren't the most interesting, these urban creations just might be the exception, starting with this awesome 3D Mario chalk art creation by Denver-based artist Chris Carlson and photographer Mike Larremore. As you can see from the timelapse video, Carlson draws Mario mid-leap atop an old school game controller; the head appears around 30-seconds, and the body is in place in a mere 48-seconds. Continue reading for more.

16. Pac-Man - Geneva, Switzerland

15. Books - Madrid, Spain

14. Space Invaders - Manchester, UK

13. Melted - Melbourne, Australia

12. Cardboard Man - Cordoba, Argentina

11. Newspapers - Seoul, South Korea

10. Tetris - London, UK

9. Tape Boy - Philadelphia, USA

8. Economy - New York, USA

7. Pixelated - New York, USA

6. Bow - San Francisco, USA

5. Giraffe - Washington D.C., USA

4. Cone Monster - North Carolina, USA

3. Albany Avenue - Chicago, Illinois, USA

2. Cars - Valparaiso, Chile

1. LEGO Bridge - Wuppertal, Germany

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