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Owl Cabin

Not just an optical illusion, these giant owls are perfect for a summer camping trip in Bourdeaux, which were created by Bruit du Frigo partner Zebra3/Buy-Sellf. Officially called "Les Guetteurs" (The Watchers), it's located off the grid, and designed to encourage urban exploration of lesser-known sites. The group of owls are huddled together to form a large cabin with three floors, complete with a boardwalk elevated over a wetlands area. Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Owl Cabins France
Owl Cabins France
Owl Cabins France

"A forest-inspired glazed door opens up to a light-filled interior with faceted timber walls. Operating off-grid without running water or electricity, the cabin is fairly bare bones yet its timber palette creates a cozy environment. Circular white beds built to look like nests are located on the different levels connected via ladders," reports Inhabitat.

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