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Mystery Red Lights Pacific Ocean

A Boeing 747-8 pilot and his co-pilot spotted a mysterious orange and red glow over the Pacific Ocean, south of the Russian peninsula Kamchatka, during a routine flight from Hong Kong to Anchorage, Alaska. Dutch pilot JPC van Heijst said: "There were no thunderstorms on their route or weather-radar, suggesting the lightning did not originate in a storm. The closer we got, the more intense the glow became, illuminating the clouds and sky below us in a scary orange glow, in a part of the world where there was supposed to be nothing but water." Continue reading for more pictures and information.

Red Lights Ocean
Red Lights Ocean

Van Heijst also added, "We reported our observations to Air Traffic Control and an investigation into what happened in this remote region of the ocean is now started. Now I'm just hoping that if a new island has been formed there [from the eruption], at least it can be named after me as the official discoverer. That would be pretty cool."


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