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Folding Crossbow

This may look like a weapon from The Walking Dead (and probably should be), but it's a real-life folding long bow, called the "Compact Folding Survival Bow" from Primal Gear Unlimited. This long bow folds down into a 23 inch short riser, making it a cinch to store when on the go. It's made from aircraft-grade aluminum, fiberglass, and weighs just 2.25-pounds, coming complete with its own compact and durable carrying case. Continue reading for more images and information.

Folding Crossbow

According to Hi Consumption, "The bow can be adjusted to accommodate right or left handed users, and if you're concerned about its oomph, Primal Gear says arrow speeds from the Compact Folding Survival Bow average a rather brisk 181 feet per second."


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