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Anyone who loves chips, like Lay's, probably already knows that there are several varieties not available in your local market, but thankfully, there's the internet, where you can get up to date with them. In this installment, we bring you the twenty-five weirdest Doritos flavors from around the world. Continue reading to see them all.

25. Garlic

24. Winter Crab Pizza

23. Citrus

22. Three-Cheese Hearts

21. Fresh Basil & Smoked Fresh Ham Pizza

20. Coconut-Flavored Curry

19. Sausage

18. Wasabi Mayo

17. Sea Salt

16. Soy Sauce Butter

15. Cheese and Almond

14. Fried Chicken

13. Steak

12. Fondue

11. Sesame Chicken

10. Butter

9. Italian Seafood Pizza

8. Winter Cheese

7. Olives

6. Rock Taco

5. Yogurt and Mint

4. Stir Fry

3. Tomato and Onion Salad

2. Crispy Salmon

1. Corn Soup

Honorable Mention - Seaweed

Bonus Video

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