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Walmart Black Friday

In the past, you'd actually have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving before Black Friday sales began, but this year, Walmart (and other stores) opened their doors at 6pm the day of. The craziness included battling for flatscreen televisions, toys, furniture, and of course, video games. However, a plethora of customers are furious at the company for running out of Black Friday sales items on Thanksgiving Day. "What's the point in having online black Friday if everything is either out of stock or in store purchase only?," said one customer. Continue reading for more fascinating images from around the web.

15. Custom Indoor Pool

Fascinating Images

14. Freshly Forged Rose

Fascinating Images

13. The Wave - Arizona, USA

Fascinating Images

12. Perfect Cable Management

Fascinating Images

11. Cabin on Whidbey Island in Puget Sound

Fascinating Images

10. 1979 Volvo Tundra

Fascinating Images

9. 3D-Printed Dragon Scale Dress

Fascinating Images

8. Secret Beach in Seychelles

Fascinating Images

7. Mario's Wasteland

Fascinating Images

6. Forrest Gump Filming Location

Fascinating Images

5. Homemade Game Boy

Raspberry Pi emulator with removable controller (in the shape of a large Game Boy)

4. Watch Them Now or Later

A few video game-themed short films I like

3. The Good Old Days

I found a crisp Best Buy paper insert from July 1994...  Oh VHS-C.

2. Medieval Town

Najac A Beautiful Mountain Village in South France

1. Upcoming Action Adventure Game Set in India

Upcoming action adventure game, set in ancient India

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