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Moon Mining

The International Lunar Observatory Association (ILOA) and Moon Express have just announced a collaboration for the delivery of the first International Lunar Observatory to the South Pole of the Moon in 2019 (ILO-1). This will be the world's first instrument to image the Milky Way Galaxy and to conduct international astrophysical observations and communications from the lunar surface. "Moon Express now has all the capital it needs to land its small robotic spacecraft on the surface of the moon. The company's goal is twofold: 1) mine the moon for valuable resources, such as Helium-3, gold, platinum group metals, rare earth metals and water; and 2) help researchers develop human space colonies for future generations," said co-founder and chairman Naveen Jain. Continue reading for another video and more information.

Moon Mining

"All these robots could be used to possibly extract the water-ice at the lunar South Pole, which could then be used to make propellant for spacecraft. The other idea is to harvest Moon rocks and minerals, which Moon Express could then sell to researchers at NASA or other interested buyers," reports The Verge.

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