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File this under: awesome LEGO creations. Not just any LEGO machine, this one, by brick master Akiyuki, was built over the span of two years (600 hours of construction time) and "the machine has staggering dimensions: 17 modules that process 500 balls for a length of 101.7 feet (31 meters) at a rate of one ball per second." Continue reading for the video and more information.

Here is the list of modules, in order:
  1. Ball factory
  2. Zigzag stair
  3. Zigzag lift
  4. Pneumatic
  5. Cup
  6. Screw T1
  7. Basket shooter
  8. Mechanical train
  9. Screw T2
  10. Screw T3
  11. Spiral lift T2
  12. Elevator & coaster
  13. Fork
  14. Spiral lift T1 & step
  15. Catch & release
  16. Belt conveyor & pinball
  17. 5-axis robot S750

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