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The Necomimi Brainwave-Controlled Cat Ears are currently being offered for only $61.20 shipped, today only. Put on the headset and the ears will begin to wiggle in sync with what you're thinking: If something catches your eye, your ears will perk up and if you're enjoying yourself, they'll wiggle. Product page. Continue reading for a video and more information.

Notable features:
  • Show your emotions in your ears, just like a real kitty.

  • For use by animal lovers aged 14 - adult.

  • Based on research-grade technology trusted by over 400 universities.

  • Conceived in Tokyo, designed in Silicon Valley.

[via Amazon]

Here's how it works: Neurons fire in your brain, giving off electrical impulses which are read by the forehead sensor; Headset captures brainwave data and interprets it using Attention & Meditation algorithms; Your mental state is translated into movements of the ears. More information.

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