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Giant Icebergs Town

A small town in Newfoundland has become a popular tourist attraction after a massive 150-foot iceberg appeared off its coast. That's right, the Southern Shore highway near the town of Ferryland was blocked over the Easter weekend as people rushed to see and photograph the massive iceberg. "It's not moving out of there unless this winds stay up for another while, because [the iceberg's] right in on the shallow ground," said resident Don Costello. Continue reading for another drone video, more pictures and information.

Giant Icebergs Canada
Giant Icebergs Canada
Giant Icebergs Canada

"An unusually high number of icebergs have drifted into North Atlantic shipping over the past few weeks, with about 450 near the Grand Banks of Newfoundland earlier in April, up from 37 the previous week," reports Yahoo News.

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