10-Story Building China Construction
Most earthquake-proof residential building take at least months to complete, but this 10-story structure from China-based Broad Group only took slightly over 28-hours to erect. Located in Changsha city, the company utilized prefabricated construction systems to speed up the project, with its rooms as well as other building modules having already been prepped in a factory. These completed modules were later transported to the site on trucks. Read more for a video and additional information.

The walls and floors of these modular units were made from a stainless steel slab formed using plates separated by hundreds of tubes, thus making the B-core slabs 1-times lighter and 100-times stronger than conventional offerings. What’s next for Broad Group? They plan on using similar techniques to construct a 220-story skyscraper in record time.

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Standard container size, low-cost transportation worldwide. Extremely simple onsite installation. It is perfectly suitable for luxury residences, 200-storey skyscrapers, and also idea for public and residential buildings,” said Broad Group.

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