With a retail price of $117,900, the Blancpain Tourbillon Gold Watch on Amazon may look shiny, but one user — most likely a troll, but interesting review nonetheless — thinks its more valuable than his liver. It’s “constructed with an antimagnetic 18-karat-rose-gold case, a unidirectional black-and-rose-gold bezel, and a black canvas wristband secured with an adjustable buckle clasp.” Product page. Here’s what user Chris Motes has to say:

I tried using this watch as a Wonder Woman style bullet deflector bracelet. It did not deflect the bullet. So I bought a second one. Then, I was doing some casual diving in my pool, and I noticed that the watch held up well at a 1,000 foot depth, but at around 1,100 feet it zonked out. I was really ticked about this.

[via Amazon]

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